oily bilge separator type CYF for ship
oily bilge separator type CYF for ship

Oily Bilge Separator Type CYF For Ship

Oily Bilge Separator Type CYF For Ship is specially designed for small power-driven vessels. The separator can satisfy the requirement that the drainage standard of the cil content of treated water stipulated by our government is lower than 15 ppm in accordance with the resolution of the International Maritime Organization. The separator is composed of the oily bilge separator, the pump, the electronic control box, and other units. Its structure is compact, the operation is simple and the installation and maintenance are convenient. It not only prevents the water region from being contaminated but also recovers the wasted oil and saves energy.

15ppm bilge water separator is designed and produced based on IMO resolution MEPC.107(49) of MARPOL 73/78. Combined with the technology of gravity, coalescence separation, coarse-grained and UF emulsion breaking to separate bilge water.

A device used to separate oil from oily water mixtures and from the emulsion. Bilge separators are necessary aboard vessels to prevent the discharge of oil overboard while pumping out bilges or while cleaning oil tanks. An oil content monitor is provided to measure continuously the oil content of the effluent. If the set limit of the oil content is exceeded, the effluent is automatically recirculated to the collecting tank, or the separator is stopped. Many conventional oily water separators fail to split stable emulsions and remove suspended colloidal particles from the water phase. This often results in equipment malfunction because the separation of oil below 15 ppm is not achieved or because of clogging from excessive solids.

CYF 15 ppm bilge separator – Any combination of a separator, a coalescer or other means, and also a single unit designed to produce an effluent with oil content not exceeding 15 parts of oil per million parts of water by volume.

Re-circulating facilities should be provided after and adjacent to the overboard outlet of the stopping device to enable the 15 ppm bilge separator system, including the 15 ppm bilge alarm and the automatic stopping device, to be tested with the overboard discharge closed. One of the main causes of oily water filtering equipment malfunction is the effect of bilge water-containing cleaning agents. Detergent-based cleaning fluids can produce chemically stabilized oil emulsions that cannot be separated on board ship by gravity alone. The best way to improve the performance of oily bilge water separating equipment is to avoid the use of surfactant-based cleaning materials.

oily water treatment units use optimized emulsion breaking and separation technology that surpasses all existing regulations and guarantees an oil content in the cleaned water of below 5 ppm. In normal operation, the actual levels have repeatedly been shown to be as low as 1 ppm, which gives a priceless safety margin to the IMO limit

Approval Standard:
1. IMO Resolution MEPC.107(49) Revised Guidelines and Specifications for Pollution Prevention Equipment for Machinery Space Bilges of Ships.
2. Regulation 14, Revised Annex I of MARPOL 73/78.

Compact design, it is the smallest oily water separator in the world, only 2/3 volume compare with our previous generation product.

Pump Devices can be individually positioned, and equipment from such a small cabin is also easy to install.

Non-absorption material inside the device ensures the durability of all materials inside.

Main Technical Performances

  • Capacity: CYF0. I : 0.1 m3/h CYF0.25 : 0.25 m3/h
  • Oleaginous concentration of the contaminated water in the inlet: lower than 250,000 PPM;
  • Drainage standard: lower than 15 PPM;
  • Operating pressure : less than 2 x 10^5 Pa;
  • Pressure loss between the separator stages: less than 5 x 10^4 Pa;
  • Pump : CYF0.1 : DZ-100 CYF0.25DZ-250 reciprocating pump;
  • Motor supply of the pump: AC 380V(if necessary the power supply can be changed);
  • Oil-drain control mode: Automatic and manual;
  • The power supply of the control box: AC 380 V (if necessary the power supply can be changed.)
  • Overall Dimensions : CYF0.1 : 889 x 466 x 830 (mm)
  • CYF0.25 : 1100 x 482 x 1010 (mm)
  • Diameter of inlet water inlet pipe: Dg 15; Diameter of outlet water pipe : Dg 15.
  • Weight : CYF0.1 : 125Kg(net); CYF0.25 : 170Kg(net)

Principle of Operation
CYF series oily bilge separator is designed according to the principles of the graviseparation

Bilge water is taken from the vessel bilge tank via a slow-revving positive displacement pump to prevent further emulsification. The oily bilge water is fed into the first stage High Viscosity Oil Removal (Hi-VOR) system and initial sludge oil separation takes place. Free oils are removed via a high matrix oleophilic coalescing pack which draws oil to its surface creating large globules of oils that are floated to the top of the tank. This waste oil is then discharged to the waste oil tank. The second stage 20 micron coalescer cartridge system coalesces the remaining free oils. Emulsified oils enter the final AGM stage for treatment

Advanced Granular Media (AGM) is a specially formulated organoclay and has extremely high adsorption properties that remove emulsified oil, grease, and low soluble organic compounds from wastewater streams. The AGM is very efficient due to the large surface active areas and can adsorb up to 60% of its own weight in organic contaminants, in comparison to only 2-5% for granular activated carbon. Designed to be quick acting, the AGM is both hydrophobic and oleophilic making it extremely effective. This remarkable adsorption can produce continuous and reliable effluent below 5ppm. With no cleaning cycles, no backwash discharges, and no extra downtime for replacements or the use of chemicals, running costs for our system are kept to a minimum.

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