AIS MOB+DSC True Heading

AIS True Heading For Marine

The new AIS-MOB unit from True Heading is a combined AIS MOB/DSC Maritime Survivor Locating Device (MSLD).

Automatic Direction Finder KATO

Automatic Direction Finder

Kato is large marine equipment. It has manufactured and marketed many kinds of marine equipment. One of product is Automatic Direction Finder

SAILOR 6280 Automatic Identification System (AIS) System

Harga AIS Kapal, AIS Price

AIS prices for ships very important for marine business.One of AIS for marine in Indonesia usually used is SAILOR 6280 Automatic Identification System

Marine Radar Tokyo Keiki in Indonesia

Ship Radar in Indonesia

Ship Radar in Indonesia functions to detect and measure the distance of an object around the ship. One of Radar For Ship usually used is Radar Tokyo Keiki