Navigation system

Raymarin AXIOM XL 24 – 24.0″ MFD

The Axiom XL range is the pinnacle of Raymarine navigation and modern helm integration. Designed for glass bridge installations, Axiom XL displays offer superior performance, large format visibility

Navigation system

Solar Marine Lantern Type SL-C310 Series

The SL-C310 series are robust, completely self-contained 3-5NM+ Solar LED Lantern marine lanterns. They are designed to be maintenance-free, installed in minutes, and have a service.

Hull and outfitting



Ship Endoscope Application

Deck equipment

Fibre-glass fiberscope 319 facilitates easy inspections at difficult-to-access points such as in air ducts, ventilators, machines and motors etc.

Fungsi dan penyusunan capstan di kapal

Deck equipment

Ada tiga macam penyusunan Capstan yang umum digunakan. Dalam suatu penyusunan motor, elektrik brake, gear reducer dan capstan head diletakkan semuanya pada weather Deck.

Jenis tali tambat di kapal

Deck equipment

Tali tambat adalah tali yang digunakan untuk menambatkan kapal di dermaga atau yang digunakan untuk menarik kapal oleh tug boat (kapal tunda) atau oleh kapal lain

Materials and methods of fabrication of anchor

Deck equipment

Anchors are fabricated from a number of materials; the earliest ones being made from large stone blocks, sacks of sand, wooden logs or from mesh baskets filled with an assortment of stones. Once the industrial […]


Valves and fitting

Gate valve type for marine

A variety of valves are used in the piping and machinery systems of the ship as per the need of the flow pattern of the liquid. All valves used on ships have the basic functionality of regulating

Article And News

Maritime News

ISM Code Application

International Safety Management Code incorporates all International conventions like SOLAS 74, MARPOL 73/78 and STCW 95/2010 etc. and gives them strength. ISM brings them all to one platform and integrates them on the working schedule of the ship and into the day to day activities.

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