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marine fender
marine fender

Marine fenders are a type of marine equipment that are used to prevent boats, ships and other naval vessels from colliding against each other or against docks, wharves and piers. In other words marine fenders can be simply termed as a marine bumper.

Marine fenders are important marine equipment as they prevent loss to the body of a boat or a ship. The fender systems that are used in naval vessels have evolved continuously throughout the times and now are devised in such a way that the prevention process is almost faultless and foolproof.

Marine fenders, in today’s times are employed in such a way that they are kept on the hull or the head of a boat or a ship in order to prevent casualty to the hull or the head of the naval vessel if there is any collision happening between boats. However, at the same time, marine fenders are also employed in piers, docks, wharves and other regular boat entrance and exit points on a permanent basis.

This permanent fixing of marine fenders help because, in case there is a heavy traffic of boats passing through from a particular dockyard, and there is an accident or a collision then the casualty to the boat and the dockyard will be both minimised to a great extent.

Fender systems have been devised in order to protect all vehicles from damage caused due to accidents. When it comes to marine fenders, the marine equipment is one of the best technological advancements to have occurred in contemporary times.

Even in the earlier centuries, fender systems were used to prevent loss to a naval vessel’s torso but the concept and idea has evolved more in the modern times than in the past. Through successful innovations and initiations, there are a wide variety of marine fender systems available which act as excellent marine equipment.

There are various types of marine fenders which have emerged over the years and which provide excellent utility in the area of water transportation. The wide variety of marine fenders ensures that sufficient options are provided so as to enable a person or an authority to choose the best possible fender system or marine fender.

Some of the types of marine fenders are as follows:

Arch Fenders :

This type of marine equipment is used in order to provide aid and assistance to a type of marine fender known as the cylindrical fender. Since the maintenance aspect in arch fenders is absolutely zero, it is one of the best marine equipment and a best fender system. Arch fenders can be used for small and mid-ranged ships and boats and provide excellent quality service to the same.

Cylindrical Fenders :

They are the most basic and common fender systems used in today’s times. They can be used for all types of marine boats and ships and they are quite economical too when the aspect of fitting them up is taken into account.

W Fenders :

These type of marine fenders are used mainly to aid the larger ships and boats because they offer a high rate of resistance and thus better protection to the water-crafts in case of any accident occurring.

Other types of marine fenders are the I fender, Cell Fender, Cone Fender and the Pneumatic Fender which along with the other three marine fenders, help in providing a very viable and feasible solution to the problem of accidents and collisions of naval vessels.

Having a shipping conglomerate is a very important thing, but equally important is the preventive measure employed to safeguard the naval vessels in case of any collision. Fixing fender systems to one’s boats and ships therefore is the best idea and the best safety procedure that can be applied and used not just effectively but also productively.