inameq opens the opportunity for the public to become a contributor. For those who are interested can register themselves on the login by following the terms and conditions below.

Contributor Status

1. Inameq contributor is an individual / company that registers to promote or advertise original products or articles or opinions and not copy paste results.
2. Inameq contributors are required to complete the requirements on the login page.
3. Inameq contributors must comply with the writing rules that apply to the inameq portal.
4. Admin inameq to delete the contributor’s account if it is proven to send articles with invalid information.

Content Writing Standards

1. The article submitted must be original and not plagiarism of other people’s writing.
2. Product photos / article photos / opinion photos sent are self-owned or someone else’s photos by including a screenshot of the permit of the photo owner.
3. Admin has the right to edit the contents of the article without reducing the substance before it is displayed on the inameq portal and contributors must take responsibility for the content of the posts sent to the inameq admin.
4. Posts sent to inameq may not contain SARA, denigrate certain groups or spread hatred and prejudice.

Blocking Accounts and Writing Rejection

1. Admin inameq to reject posts that do not comply with applicable rules.
2. Posts that are rejected / suspended will be returned to each author accompanied by a note from the admin.
3. Admin has the right to deactivate the product or article or opinion if it violates the rules, writing standards and copyright.

If Interested in becoming a contributor to promote articles and products, please contact