Indonesia is a maritime country proven by a vast sea and many islands. As the largest archipelago in the world, Indonesia has 17,499 islands from Sabang to Merauke. Total area of ​​Indonesia is 7.81 million km2 which consists of 2.01 million km2 of land, 3.25 million km2 of the sea, and 2.55 million km2 of the Zone Economic Exclusive (ZEE). Is a country with an area of ​​water greater than land area, therefore Indonesia is referred to as an Maritime State.

Therefore, Indonesia’s maritime wealth potential must be utilized and used as well as possible. One of the rich natural resources in the sea is oil and gas. Oil drilling in the sea or commonly called ‘offshore’ becomes one of the facilities that can be used to take oil and gas in the Indonesian sea. Besides offshore, one of the transportation used at sea is ships. The ship is a vital means of transportation used at sea to transport natural resources in the Indonesian sea and also as a means for transportation from one island to another or from Indonesia to other countries. On this basis the market needs for ships are very large in Indonesia.

Therefore, maritime component needs that support the progress of the maritime industry in Indonesia must be followed and must be in line with the development of the equipment and spare parts industry. Maritime component industry must be improved because it will help the process of accelerating ship building and the process of ship repair, because equipment and spare parts are very important components when ship new building or during the ship repair process.

Because of that, Indonesia Marine Equipment (INAMEQ.COM) took part in supporting the growth of the maritime equipment and component parts industry in Indonesia, because was a platform to help market domestic and foreign products.

Indonesia Marine Equipment is here to be an information center platform on maritime technology in Indonesia.

The objectives of Indonesia Marine Equipment are :

  1. As an information center for maritime equipment and spare parts needed in Indonesia.
  2. As a news center about the development of maritime industry technology in Indonesia.
  3. Help promote the results of maritime products both domestically and from abroad.
  4. Assist shipping companies, shipyards, ports, oil and gas companies to finding the needed equipment and spare parts.