Hull and outfitting

Ship watertight bulkheads pressure testing

After installation of the bulkheads, they are to be tested for their integrity and water tightness. Since it is not feasible to fill all the cargo holds or compartments with water for this purpose, the test is done by a pressure hose.

Hull and outfitting

Collision bulkhead in ship

The safety of a ship in damaged condition is majorly dependent on the strength and integrity of its watertight bulkheads.

Hull and outfitting

Ship Watertight Integrity

A ship is nothing more than a water tight container or storage compartment with its own means of propulsion. Its purpose is to load and carry cargo, whether the cargo is passengers, fish, or a host of other commodities.

Tank Cleaning

Oil Tankers Crude Oil Washing

Crude oil washing operation onboard oil tankers involve many hazards and careful consideration will need to be made for safe planning and execution.

Hull and outfitting

Procedure for entering an enclosed space on a ship

A ship is a complex structure from inside with several small and enclosed spaces. Many of these enclosed spaces are used for installing some machinery or for storing machine parts or workshop equipment.