Swivel Joint 2175 Series, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium

EWFM’s most popular, the Swivel joint 2175 series is suitable for most requirements. Its simple design, ease of maintenance, and long-lasting life makes it a favorite with customers. To date, the model 2175 series Swivel Joint has been installed and assisted pipe articulation in many industries. Some of these include Oil and Gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, […]

Swivel Joint 2174 Series, Carbon Steel and Heavy Duty

EWFM’s Swivel Joint 2174 is the most basic of the standard range. The Carbon steel swivel offers a cost effective solution for relieving pipe articulation of stress and fatigue. Primarily used as part of EWFM’s hydrocarbon and LPG loading arms, the swivel has now been used in many other applications, some include steam, chemical and […]

Swivel Joint 3443 Series, Aluminium for Loading Arms

The Swivel Joint 3443 Series is an Elbow used as standard on our variable reach top loading arms. This model is available in two configurations giving the loading arm either a parallel secondary arm or a 15º offset for improved drainage. EWFM Specialise in Swivel Joints, Loading and Unloading Arms, Couplings, Breakaway Couplings, Filling and Emptying Equipment, Hose, Agitators and Mixers, Access Systems, Storage Tank […]

Swivel Joint 4044 Series Aluminium

The Swivel Joint 4044 Series aluminum is designed for submerged duty and is also used as standard on our range of Aluminium Floating Suction Units. It is ideal for use with aviation fuels. Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Swivels are also available for submerged duty on request. We also offer larger bore submerged Swivels where […]

Swivel Joint 2004 Series, Carbon Steel and Low Profile Design

EWFM’s Swivel joint 2004 series is the most basic low-profile swivel of the standard range. With one row of ball bearings this swivel truly is compact. It is a great solution for when you are really limited with vertical space. Having only one set of ball bearings, the swivel joint 2004 series will not tolerate […]

Swivel Joint 3996 Series, Carbon Steel and Low Profile

EWFM’s Swivel Joint 3996 series low profile is a perfect solution where vertical height is limited. Its low profile design compared to that of a normal swivel results in a reduction of height in the overall articulated pipework. This Swivel is often used as part of EWFM’s loading arms where a specific minimized height is […]

Swivel Joint 3885 Series Stainless Steel

EWFM’s Swivel Joint 3885 series was solely designed for easy maintenance and seal replacement. The 4 piece design allows the swivel to be easily removed and replaced. This therefore removes the need for cutting and welding pipe work sections. Consequently this is the main advantage over the Swivel Joint 2175 Series and Swivel Join 2833 series as these often […]

Swivel Joint 2815 Series, Carbon Steel with a Stainless Steel Liner

The Swivel Joint 2815 series is a three piece split flange design like EWFM’s Swivel Joint 2833 series. Only available in Carbon Steel, its main advantage over the 2833 is its Stainless Steel 316L liner. This in turn means the Swivel has the strength of a Carbon Steel swivel, however can cater for more aggressive […]

Swivel Joint 2833 Series, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Heavy Duty

A three piece split flange design, EWFM’s Swivel Joint 2833 series. The three piece design allows a quick and easy primary seal change without having to remove ball bearings. As a result, this is the main advantage over the model 2175 series. The swivel joint is currently being used in many applications in the oil […]

Multiport Rotary Unions, Standard and Specialist Materials

Multiport Rotary Unions also known as a Multiport Swivels offer fixed input to rotating output connections. The main purpose is to allow multiple flows across a common rotational axis. Popular systems for using Multiport Rotary Unions include hydraulics, pneumatics, water, cables, vacuums, coolants or gases. Bespoke designs are available to meet your exact requirements. Ports […]