Wide Angle Piston Type Steering Gear

A Solenoid Valve Operated Wide Angle Electro-Hydraulic Steering Gear is capable of steering a rudder to such wide angle as 70 degree port and 70 degree starboard


Electro-hydraulic Actuators for ship

Special projects that demand the plumbing-free convenience of electric actuators and the large forces of hydraulic cylinders are elegantly served by Passion’s custom electro-hydraulic actuators. Passion’s EHAs provide both motion control precision and protection against […]


Hydraulic seal sakagami list

Jenis Seal Sakagami : Seal hydraulic GPY Seal ( piston seal) GNY Seal (rod seal) RGY Seal (piston & rod seal) RNY Seal (rod seal) SGY Seal (piston seal) SNY Seal (rod seal) SKY Seal […]