Rubber fender for marine

Fender for pipeline cable laying equipment for marine

The engineering rubber pontoon have been used in different offshore construction applications, such as pipeline laying and cable installations. Specification :  Model Lift capacity (ton) Diameter (m) Overall lenght (mm) Pressure relief valve Inlet assembly […]

Rubber fender for marine

Ribbed Pneumatic Fenders for marine

Description : Ribbed Pneumatic Fenders have a heavily ribbed shell that weighs little more than a traditional ‘sling’ type pneumatic but is as rugged as a ‘chain and tyre net’ type. The protection of the […]

Rubber fender for marine

Marine Rubber Fender type CMR-A Super Cell

CMR-A Super Cell Rubber Fender 1. High E/R.H(energy absorption/reaction force. product height) Value. Compare with general cell rubber fenders, YGCH super cell rubber fenders have 15% higher E/R.H value. The general cell rubber fender has 0.375~0.385 […]