CMR-B Super Cell Rubber Fender
CMR-B Super Cell Rubber Fender for marine

Marine Rubber Fender type CMR-A Super Cell

CMR-A Super Cell Rubber Fender

1. High E/R.H(energy absorption/reaction force. product height) Value.

Compare with general cell rubber fenders, YGCH super cell rubber fenders have 15% higher E/R.H value. The general cell rubber fender has 0.375~0.385 E/R.H, while the super one has 0.43~0.44 normally.

Specifications Rated Deflection% Reaction Force Energy Absorption E/R.H
CMR-A1250 52.5 696 382 0.439
G1250 47.5 695.5 333.5 0.384
CMR-A2000 52.5 1780 1564 0.439
 CMS G2000 47.5 1746.2 1334.2 0.382

2. More Reasonable Structure.

Compare with normal rubber fender, YGCH super cell rubber is more reasonable in the structure design. A smooth joint is adopted between the fender buffer and flange to reduce the stress concentration in fender bottom during the deflection, which result in more reasonable force dispersion, furthermore the deflection value of the fender is increased to 52.5% from the normal 47.5%.

3. super cell rubber fender has the same installation bolt pitch and bolt holes with the general rubber fender.

4.  Minor affection in angular berthing.

Spesification :


CMR-A Super Cell Rubber Fender drawing


CMR-A Super Cell Rubber Fender SpecificationCMR-A Super Cell Rubber Fender Specification

Main Accessories and Applications :

Accessories and applications
Accessories and applications

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