Shortage and Contamination Claims For Bulk Oil Cargoes

Claims arising from the carriage of oil cargoes are often substantial and may allege either shortage or contamination or both. This chapter provides guidance on how tanker operators can minimise the risk of cargo loss or damage and defend themselves should claims arise. Oil Shortages In general, oil shortage claims are based upon a discrepancy […]

Maintain safe stability onboard container ship

As the nature of container ship operation, it’s tread to be lack of stability, due to Top Heavy Load, the Master shall always take special attention for her stability. Also the Master should remind factors to cause reducing stability more such as Alternating course with Big angle of Rudder, Towing by tugs at the scene […]

Monohull and Semi Planing Hull Theory

Ship Monohull The hull of virtually all conventional ships and boats has a so-called monohull-configuration. The term “monohull” denotes a hull which is constructed of a single water displacing body. A monohull typically narrows in cross-section toward the front thereof to define a pointed bow which facilitates the ship’s ability to cut efficiently through the […]