Electrical water heater for engine jacket cooling water

Aalborg EH-U Aalborg EH-U is a flow-through electrical heater unit, ideal for heating of engine jacket cooling water. Type Electrical flow-through heater. Single-pass configuration. Can be mounted horizontally. The heating surface is optimized by the use of specially designed baffle plates resulting in a very compact, highly efficient and cost effective heater. Size The Aalborg EH-U […]

Single stage freshwater generator

AQUA – Single stage freshwater generator AQUA uses vacuum distillation to convert seawater into high-quality freshwater for domestic and process utilization on ships, rigs, as well as in remote onshore locations. Desalination of seawater is an economically feasible and reliable solution. The AQUA Blue freshwater generator is a major advance based on proven Alfa Laval expertise. The […]

Alfa Laval AC

Alfa Laval AC500DQ /ACH500DQ Brazed plate heat exchanger for air conditioning and refrigeration. Alfa Laval AC brazed plate heat exchangers provide efficient heat transfer with a small footprint. They are specifically designed to work in air conditioning and refrigeration applications as evaporators and condensers in chillers and heat pumps. Applications • Evaporator • Condenser Benefits […]