Swivel Joint 536 Series, Aluminium for loading arms

Swivel Elbow Cross Section
Swivel Elbow Cross Section

Swivel Joint 536 Series is an elbow used as standard on our range of fixed, variable and long reach top loading arms.

EWFM (EW Fuel Management Ltd) is a multi-disciplinary distributor based in Royston near Cambridge, England, supplying equipment for the safe transfer of liquids, gases and particulates.

EWFM Specialise in Swivel Joints, Loading and Unloading Arms, Couplings, Breakaway Couplings, Filling and Emptying Equipment, Hose, Agitators and Mixers, Access Systems, Storage Tank Equipment and Aircraft and Helicopter Equipment for the Oil & Gas, Food and Drink, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation and the Defensive and Aviation Industries.

At the onset, aircraft refuelling and fuel tanker equipment have been and continue to be a specialty of EWFM in both the defence and civil markets.  From supplying to the aviation and oil and gas industries,  the company has now diversified into other hazardous markets such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food and drink and power generation.

EWFM’s product expertise ensures that customers are recommended the most suitable equipment for their application. Having supplied many thousands of our products, our reputation as a reliable company is known both worldwide and in the UK.

Procedures in place ensure that all projects are carried out with utmost professionalism, offering clients support at all stages.

Accredited to ISO 9001-2008, we have never received either a major or minor non-conformance after 25 third party audits.

EWFM supply Swivel Joints across a broad range of industries. Originally suppliers to the just the oil, gas and subsea industry. EWFM have now however expanded into the chemical, food, distilling, brewing, petrochemical, mining, drilling and pharmaceutical, with potential to supply in many more.

We supply standard, engineered , subsea swivels , compact swivels , high pressure swivels and multiport rotary unions.  EWFM will work with you and find the correct swivel for your requirement.

Our joints are an integral part of articulated pipework assemblies; some of these include loading arms and floating suctions which are currently being successfully operated worldwide. Joints relieve stress and torsion on hose or pipe work preventing damage resulting in costly downtime through repair and delays.

Most of our Swivels can be supplied in a range of styles, please see the examples below and specify your requirement with the enquiry.

Swivel Joint Aluminium for loading arms
Swivel Joint Aluminium for loading arms
Available sizes

3″ 4″ 6″

Standard design

Aluminium with Gunmetal Collars


Top Loading Arms

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