International Liferaft ISO-RAFT, ISO 9650-1
International Liferaft ISO-RAFT, ISO 9650-1

International Liferaft ISO-RAFT, ISO 9650-1

International Liferaft can used on recreational boats and have been tested and certified according to ISO 9650-1 testing standard. This testing standard has been adopted by most European Countries. The Lalizas ISO RAFT liferaft complies with ISO-RAFT CE ISO 9650-1 certifications. Rafts from the LALIZAS series are therefore designed for unlimited sailing, with equipment that allows them to survive up to 24 hours.

Lalizas ISO life rafts are available in 4 to 12-person versions, are fitted with a single floor as standard, and are designed to be extremely safe. The ISO RAFT combines compact size and structural integrity with proven liferaft design. The LALIZAS ISO RAFT is automatically inflated by a 12-meter painter line and its inflation system provides enough gas to inflate all the buoyancy chambers. The main body of the liferaft consists of two buoyant chambers inflated through a nonreturn valve ensuring the flotation of the liferaft. They are equipped with a single floor, made of very good quality material. They have a convenient size – they come in two versions: in containers or in waterproof suitcases.

Each chamber is capable of fully supporting the raft with its maximum number of occupants. The ISO RAFT is manufactured and tested according to ISO 9650-1 standard for Safety and offers highly visible, stable, sheltered conditions for the occupants.It can be packed either in a canister or in a waterproof valise. The LALIZAS ISO-RAFT Inflatable Liferaft Series is initially certified by Polish Register of Shipping-1463 and furthermore approved by the Maritime Authority of the Country of Destination in case it is needed.

Drawing and dimensions
Drawing and dimensions

Features & Specifications

  • Thermally insulated floor
  • International orange, self-erecting canopy with retro-reflective tapes
  • Τwin independent buoyancy tubes containing safety valves
  • Rainwater collection gutter
  • Ventilation and observation port
  • Fully closeable entrance flap wit zip tape. The 10 to 12-person versions also include an additional entrance.
  • External, and internal lifelines and righting devices suitable for handling even by one person
  • Comprehensive international service centers
  • Operating temperature -15° C to + 65° C
  • Stowage max height: 6m above sea level

Standard Equipment:

  • Portable buoyant bailer (1pc)
  • Sponge (2pcs)
  • Pair of buoyant paddles (1pc)
  • Whistle (1pc)
  • Waterproof torch /bulb (2pcs)
  • Signalling mirror (1pc)
  • Anti-seasickness pills/per person (6pcs)
  • Seasickness bag/per person (1pc)
  • Red hand flare (in accordance with SOLAS LSA Code Chapter III, 3.2) (3pcs)
  • Red parachute flares (in accordance with SOLAS LSA Code Chapter III, 3.1) (2pcs)
  • Repair kit (1pc)
  • Bellow (1pc)
  • Operational Manual (1pc)
  • Table of the life-saving signals (1pc)
  • Log Book + Immediate actions Card (1pc)
  • Mooring Ring with 30m rope (1pc)
  • Safety knife connected to the liferaft, buoyant, fixed blade, rounded tips (1pc)
  • Floating anchor with 30m rope (1pc)

Product codes

Code Max Persons Container Weight (kg) A B L W H
78800 4 Canister 38kg 1170mm 1634mm 760mm 480mm 330mm
78810 6 Canister 42kg 1200mm 1956mm 760mm 480mm 330mm
78820 8 Canister 50kg 1250mm 2224mm 770mm 550mm 345mm
78830 10 Canister 56kg 1300mm 2458mm 820mm 570mm 355mm
78840 12 Canister 62kg 1350mm 2667mm 920mm 570mm 340mm
78850 4 Valise 32kg 1170mm 1634mm 680mm 250mm 400mm
78860 6 Valise 36kg 1200mm 1956mm 710mm 280mm 420mm
78870 8 Valise 38kg 1250mm 2224mm 710mm 280mm 420mm
78880 10 Valise 45kg 1300mm 2458mm 800mm 300mm 470mm

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