The liferaft has an Operating Temperature of 0 degC to +50 degC and a stowage/drop height of maximum 4m above the sea-level.

The liferaft is packed in a valise which can be stored in an internal locker as well. The liferaft container is manufactured by materials that are resistant to exposure of bad weather.

The liferaft can be up-righted in case of it being capsized and it is able to withstand the number of the persons it is designed to accommodate when it floats. It automatically inflates by pulling the painter line and retains its normal condition when it is loaded with all the persons and the equipment. Its floor is manufactured by waterproof materials.

The main body of the liferaft consists of one buoyant compartment (containing safety valve)manufactured by Nylon TPU coated. It is inflated through a non-return valve, ensuring the flotation of the liferaft. In case the buoyancy chamber is damaged, the pump, that is included in the standard equipment of the Liferaft, can be used for restoring the pressure.

The canopy of the liferaft (for themodels with canopy) which is of vivid color is designed to protect the persons in the liferaft against bad weather conditions. It bears one entrance that is easily indicated and allows the flow of sufficient air for the persons onboard (even when it is closed).

The inflation system of the liferaft provides enough CO2 gas to inflate the buoyancy chamber and bears a non return valve activated by an operating head that is driven by the painter line.

For all models of the Leisure-Raft, gas cylinder used for inflation is refillable. To the good operation of gas cylinder, it must be inspected periodically by a LALIZAS authorized service station.

Ideal for in-shore boating, the LALIZAS high quality standard Leisure-Raft is perfect for those that don’t need a full feature life raft. It is the smallest, lightest and most inexpensive life raft in the market. The LALIZAS Leisure-Raft with its light weight allows for easy deployment, and the compact size makes storage easy in the smallest spaces.

Even though this specific equipment is not stated as mandatory by law, it is crucial for your safety in case of MOB emergency.

  • TPED approved CO2 cylinder for easy transport.
  • Thermobonding technique that ensures extreme durability and reliability.
  • SOLAS Approved water activated compact led light.

Standard Equipment

• 20 ft. (6m) Painter line
• Hand pump – Sea anchor (1 piece)
• Raft knife (1 piece)
• Pressure relief valve (1 piece)
• CO2 Inflation system
• Water-activated locator light
• Ballast bags (2 pieces)
• Case (1 piece)

*3-year recommended service interval

Equipment and fittings of the liferaft

The installed equipment of every liferaft is listed in the following table:


Name Unit Quantity Comments


Fabric Bailer Pc 1

For taking out water from the liferaft interior


Sea-anchor Pc 1

To prevent liferaft from drifting out of the search area


Pump Pc 1

To restore the pressure of the chamber if it is low


Safety Knife Pc 1

To cut painter line


Owner’s Manual Book 1

Contains: Instructions, Log book, Immediate actions


Water activated locator light Pc 1

Lights automatically when it comes in touch with water

7 Topping off valve pc 1

Used to fit the pump and restore pressure or to deflate the liferaft

Product Codes

Code Max Persons Container Weight (kg) A B L W H
78800 4 Canister 38kg 1170mm 1634mm 760mm 480mm 330mm
78810 6 Canister 42kg 1200mm 1956mm 760mm 480mm 330mm
78820 8 Canister 50kg 1250mm 2224mm 770mm 550mm 345mm
78830 10 Canister 56kg 1300mm 2458mm 820mm 570mm 355mm
78840 12 Canister 62kg 1350mm 2667mm 920mm 570mm 340mm
78850 4 Valise 32kg 1170mm 1634mm 680mm 250mm 400mm
78860 6 Valise 36kg 1200mm 1956mm 710mm 280mm 420mm
78870 8 Valise 38kg 1250mm 2224mm 710mm 280mm 420mm
78880 10 Valise 45kg 1300mm 2458mm 800mm 300mm 470mm


  • This innovative life raft is the outcome of our over 38-year expertise in manufacturing safety equipment
  • Low cost, 3-year recommended service interval
  • Manufactured in EU
  • It is the smallest, lightest & most cost-effective life raft in the market
  • Extremely compact size that allows easy storage
  • Ideal for coastal and in-shore boating
  • Quick and easy deployment, ensuring safe and immediate boarding
  • ISO approved PU fabric and ISO approved inflation system of the highest standards
  • 200lb. weighted water pockets that ensure stability in harsh weather conditions

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