Safety equipment component complete for marine

Safety equipment component complete for marine
Safety equipment component complete for marine

SOLAS Approved Insulated Immersion Suit OEM/ODM Available For Marine Survival

Detailed Product Description

Buoyancy Loss:0.5sWeight:< 1.25kg
Standard:SOLASKeywords:Boat Life Jackets
Certificate:EC/CCS Etc.Type:XL

SOLAS Approved Marine Survival Insulated Immersion Suit CCS / EC Certificate


Marine Survival Immersion Suits meet the requirements of SOLAS 74/96, LSA Code, and MSC.81(71), MSC.200(80), come with CCS and EC certificates. There are 2 types of immersion suits: type-I and type-II.

Type I immersion suits
Outside material : Waterproof Beryline oxford textile.
Inside material : Foamed polyethylene ,Aluminum plate film.
Thermal protective function: Insulated
Type II Immersion Suits
Main material : CR neoprene sponge (thickness:5mm)
Thermal protective function: Insulated

Specification :

TypeSpecificationStaturePackage dimension
Type IXLAbove 1.8m56x34x32cm
MBelow 1.65m56x34x74cm
Type-IIXLAbove 1.8m58x23x36cm

Thermal Performance:
The wearer’s body temperature will not be 20C lower than normal temperature after immersing in the 00C~20C static water for 6 hours.
Moare than 142 N and the decrease of buoyancy is less than 5% after submerging if fresh water for 24 hrs.
Floating performance :
The wearer is capable of floating in face-up and lifting the wearer’s mouth above the water at least 120mm.
Accessories : Water-proof light, whistle
Printing : customerized printing, OEM sevices.

We can supply a variety of Immersion Suits in high quality with moderate price, such as:
* SOLAS Foam life jacket for adult and child.
* SOLAS Marine Work Life jackets.
* CE inflatable life jacket.
* Water Sport Lifejacket for leisure or entertainment activities.
OEM with your logo on the life vest / ODM is availble.

* Classification Society: CE /EC CCS etc.
* Official certificates

Marine Products Supply Range :

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