Ring Buoy
Ring Buoy

Ring Buoy for Marine

The Amron International 24 Inch Hard Shell Ring Buoy is manufactured to U.S.C.G. standards (160.050/154/0) and is made with rock hard cross link polyethylene shell for incredible durability. The Amron 24 Inch Hard Shell Ring Buoy features molded in rope holes with a 3/8 inch polypropylene UV resistant rope. Reflective tape is included for maximum visibility in low light conditions.

Features :

  • U.S.C.G. Approval Number 160.050/172/0.
  • Rock-Hard cross link polyethylene shell for maximum durability.
  • Molded-In Rope Holes for easy rope replacement.
  • 3/8 in. Polypropylene UV resistant rope.
  • Retroreflective Tape included.

Specifications :

  • Materials : Polyethylene shell. Polypropylene UV resistant rope.
  • Outside Diameter : 24 in.

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