Oily Bilge Separator Type CYF For Ship

Oily Bilge Separator Type CYF For Ship is specially designed for small power-driven vessels. The separator can satisfy the requirement that the drainage standard of the cil content of treated water stipulated by our government is lower than 15 ppm in accordance with the resolution of the International Maritime Organization. The separator is composed of […]

F018 Fluidwell field mount Indicators for safe

The F018 Fluidwell is a local indicator / transmitter with linearization and continuous flow rate monitoring feature. It displays the actual linearized flow rate, resettable total and non-resettable accumulated total. The F-Series is known worldwide as a range of user-friendly indicators. The F018 is even more impressive. The HART communication allows you to communicate in […]

SATAM Positive Displacement Meter Type ZC17-250

The SATAM Positive Displacement meter type ZC17-250 can be application for fileds for Marine applications such us ships refuelling. And for fields for fileds for oil depots such us for for marine, ships, product reception, loading stations for trucks. And for fields for Hydrocarbon transportation such us distribution of heating oil or fuel by road […]

KRAL Flowmeters OMG Series

Universal device for manifold application needs. Due to their continuous ongoing development, the highly modular OMG series covers a broad range of applications. KRAL Flowmeters OMG Series is therefore particularly suitable for manifold applications, such as mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and marine. The flow meters OMG series also combines robustness with the highest precision, characteristics […]

LED 160 Marine Lantern

This all-round LED 160 Marine Lantern has world-class optical performance with options for buoys and fixed installations. Three different lens options available covering a range from 3 NM up to 12NM (Tc = 0,74). Marine Lantern LED 160 features : Standard IALA colours red, green, white, yellow and blue Best in class optical performance New […]

Raymarine’s Autopilot

New Evolution R4 Performance Tuned Software Evolution Autopilots A New Level of Autopilot Control Race, cruise or fish – Evolution will take command No fuss, easy to install and robust – the Evolution autopilot combines Raymarine’s autopilot expertise, FLIR Systems’ R&D, and advanced aerospace guidance technology to create Evolution Ai control algorithms that deliver a new level […]

Heat exchanger types and calculations on ship

Types of Industrial Heat Exchangers There are many types of heat exchangers used in a wide variety of industrial applications including power plants, boilers for industrial steam, chemical plants, and many types of manufacturing facilities. Several different configurations are used to accomplish the basic function of transferring heat from one fluid to another without mixing […]

Konsep dasar survei batimetri menggunakan echosounder

Alat yang dibutuhkan untuk pengukuran dasar laut ini ada dua macam, diantaranya Echosounder Single Frekuensi dan Echosounder Double Frekuensi. Bedanya adalah kalau single frekuensi hanya menggunakan frekuensi tinggi saja (kedalaman hanya sampai lapisan paling atas dari tanah), artinya kedalaman tidak bisa menembus lumpur (Contoh alat : Echosounder Hydrotrac ODOM). Kalau Echosounder Double frekuensi, terdapat 2 […]