Marine Electrical
Marine Electrical

Marine electricity

Electrical block diagram serves to facilitate the next process, namely wiring diagrams, making installation easier.The block diagram also describes the distribution of lights, ship equipment (communication equipment, monitoring equipment) in three phases (RST).

In its manufacture, each piece of equipment is divided into several junction boxes that depend on the deck, and the similarity of functions, including:

  • Junction Communication (JC).
  • Junction Monitoring (JM).
  • Junction Power (JP).
  • Main Switch Board (MSB).

Is a terminal that functions to connect cables from Jl, JP, JM, JC, to the generator.

  • Emergency Switch Board (ESB).

Is a terminal that connects the cables from the emergency junction to the battery via ACOS

  • Diesel Generator Set (GENSET).

Used are 3 generators

  • Automatic Change Over Switch (ACOS).

Is a tool that can connect automatically between emergency equipment and battery when the generator is not functioning.

  • Shore Connection (SC).

The power supplied by the land power plant when the ship rests at the port so that the ship does not need a generator for a while. The basis of the selection is the biggest power needed, which is at loading time.

  • Battery

Is an accumulator needed during an emergency and is placed in the ESEP (Emergency Source Electrical Power) room


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