Pulsarlube BT Application

Pulsarlube BT 60
Pulsarlube BT 60

The Pulsarlube BT is a Bluetooth-enabled automatic lubricator that could be monitored and controlled via an app on a mobile device in Bluetooth range (5~20m), without physical access to the lubricators.

Lubricators will be recognized in the app as long as they are in Bluetooth detection range so finding lubricators, monitoring their status, and changing settings will be simple and convenient. The data in the mobile app is shared with our web application server and can be downloaded in .csv or .txt format for optimal monitoring.

With BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology applied, there is low power consumption from the Bluetooth module and the lubricator can operate reliably even though a battery pack is used for power. The IP65 rating allows outdoor installations with protection against dust and water spray.

By incorporating Bluetooth technology, The Pulsarlube BT has been developed to meet your lubrication needs with a technological convenience never before offered.

Pulsarlube BT 240
Pulsarlube BT 240

SERIES BT60 : Ø91(3.60″) x 181mm(7.13″) (H), BT120 : Ø91(3.60″) x 181mm(7.13″) (H), BT240 : Ø91(3.60″) x 208mm(8.19″) (H)


Pulsarlube BT Application
Pulsarlube BT Application


Pulsarlube BT 120
Pulsarlube BT 120

Enhanced User-Friendliness
Easy to monitor nearby lubricators within a close proximity of your mobile (proximity pairing)
Possible to change mode settings while lubricators are in operation

Safe Working Environment
Remotely monitor lubricator status in hazardous and inaccessible work areas via mobile App in close proximity

Integrated DB Management
Easy to share DB between mobile device and server

Service Pack
Substantial savings from the use of replaceable grease pouches and battery packs


Cross Section
Cross Section


Technical Specifications

Grease Pouch Capacity60ml / 120ml / 240ml (pre-set)
Power SupplyDC 4.5V Battery Pack
Operating Pressure30~60bar (435~870psi)
Operating TemperatureStandard Alkaline Battery : -15˚C ~ 60˚C (5 ˚F ~ 140˚F)
Optional Lithium Battery : -40˚C ~ 60˚C (-40 ˚F ~ 140˚F)
Dispensing Periods1 ~ 12 month
Remote InstallationMax. 6m (20ft) with Ø6 tube
Multi-Point InstallationMax. 3m (10ft) with Ø6 tube (Up to 8 lube points)
IP CodeIP65
Product CertificationsCE / KC / FCC / RCM / NCC / SRRC / SIG / ICASA / J-MIC / NBTC
Detection Range5 ~ 20m depending on installation environment
Bluetooth SpecificationsBluetooth 4.1 (class 2)
Packaging10 Units/Case

Product Certifications

IP CodeIP65
NCC60 : CCAH19LP0122T6
120 : CCAH19LP0121T4
240 : CCAH19LP0120T2
SRRCBT60 CMIIT ID : 2019DJ0846
BT120 CMIIT ID : 2019DJ0847
BT240 CMIIT ID : 2019DJ1090
NBTCTH_SDOC_BT60 / BT120 / BT240



Direct Mount


Part No.Description
A001Reducer, 3/8″F x 1/4″M Adaptor (Brass)
A002Reducer, 3/8″F x 1/8″M Adaptor (Brass)
A002-SReducer, 3/8″F x 1/8″M Adaptor (Brass)

Socket + Pipe + Reducer

Part No.Description
A011Socket, 1/4″F x 1/4″F Adaptor (Brass)
A012Socket, 1/8″F x 1/8″F Adaptor (Brass)
Part No.Description
A121Pipe,1/4”M x 1/4”M x 50mm (Steel)
A122Pipe,1/4”M x 1/4”M x 100mm (Steel)
A123Pipe,1/4”M x 1/4”M x 150mm (Steel)
A124Pipe,1/4”M x 1/4”M x 200mm (Steel)
Part No.Description
A106Pipe, 1/8″M x 1/8″M x 50mm for divider block (Steel)
A107Pipe, 1/8″M x 1/8″M x 150mm for divider Pipe, 1/8″M x 1/8″M x 100mm for divider block (Steel)
A108Pipe, 1/8″M x 1/8″M x 150mm for divider block (Steel)
A109Pipe, 1/8″M x 1/8″M x 200mm for divider block (Steel)

45˚ Elbow

Part No.Description
A02345° Elbow, 1/4”M x 1/4”F Adaptor (Brass)
A02445° Elbow, 1/8”M x 1/8”F Adaptor (Brass)

90˚ Elbow

Part No.Description
A01990° Elbow, 1/4”F x 1/4”F Adaptor (Brass)
A02090° Elbow, 1/8”F x 1/8”F Adaptor (Brass)
A02190° Elbow, 1/4”M x 1/4”F Adaptor (Brass)
A02290° Elbow, 1/8”M x 1/8”F Adaptor (Brass)


Single Point Remote Installation

Kit No. 1250RC-1

Part No.Description
A002Reducer, 3/8″F x 1/8″M Adaptor (Brass)
B002Mounting Bracket, “L”Shape
B051Self Drilling Screw, #8 x 20
A012Socket, 1/8”F x 1/8”F Adaptor (Brass)
A240Tube Fitting, Push-In Type, PC6-PT1/8”M
A214-1Distribution Tubing, O.D. 1/4″(6mm) Nylon Tubing, 10ft Pre-filled with (Grease Type)
A243Thread Converter, PT1/8″F x NPT1/8″M (Brass)


Note : For remote installation using a tube, use an 8mm O.D. (5/16″) tubing pre-filled with the same or compatible grease as the grease contained in the unit. Recommend using under short dispensing period settings due to powerful dispensing pressure.

Multi-Point Installation

Electromechanical Products using a divider block ( up to 8 points )

Part No.DescriptionQty
A002Reducer, 3/8″F x 1/8″M Adaptor (Brass)1
B002Mounting Bracket, “L”Shape1
B051Self Drilling Screw, #8 x 201
HU-2RS ~ HU-8RSHU Type Divider Block, Grease Type, 2 Ports ~ 8 Ports1
B058Tooth Washer2
A240Tube Fitting, Push-In Type, PC6-PT1/8”M3
A214-1Distribution Tubing, O.D. 1/4″(6mm) Nylon Tubing, 10ft Pre-filled with (Grease Type)1
A243Thread Converter, PT1/8″F x NPT1/8″M (Brass)1


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