Pulsarlube OL500


The Pulsarlube OL500 is our latest innovation in oil lubrication with an average operating pressure of 10bar.

The Pulsarlube OL500 oil lubricator consists of the main body with a vertical self-priming pump controlled by the microprocessor, a 500ml oil reservoir, and a battery pack. This product has the ability to precisely deliver very small amounts of lubricant with selectable intermittent dispensing cycle. The volume of output is adjustable from 0.70ml to 33.4ml/day, equivalent to the service period of Half month to 24months for the 500ml oil reservoir. It is available with up to 4 feeds by using optional installation kits.

NOTE : The Pulsarlube OL500 is a reusable unit but the battery pack must be replaced when each dispensing period set is complete.

Pulsarlube OL500 Cross Section
Pulsarlube OL500 Cross Section


Oil Reservoir Capacity500ml (refillable)
Power SupplyDC 4.5V Battery Pack
Operating Pressure10bar (145psi) (depending on oil viscosity)
Operating TemperatureStandard Alkaline Battery : -15˚C~60˚C (5˚F~140˚F)
Dispensing Periods1, 2, 4, 6, 12, 18, 24 month & H (15 days)
Remote InstallationMax. 6m (20ft) with O.D. Ø4 tube
Multi-Point InstallationMax. 3m (10ft) with O.D. Ø4 tube (Up to 4 lube points)
Oil Viscosity Range100~10,000 cSt@40˚C
* Special instructions available for 10~100 cSt@40˚C
IP CodeIP 54
Packaging10 Units/Case


Product Certifications

IP CodeIP54



Single Point Remote Installation

Kit No. 1250RO-1 Type

Part No.Description
A002Reducer, 3/8″F x 1/8″M Adaptor (Brass)
B002Mounting Bracket, “L”Shape
A012Socket, 1/8”F x 1/8”F Adaptor (Brass)
C021-1O.D. 4mm Nylon Tubing (Clear), 10ft
C010Tube Clamp, Dia. 4mm x 1R
C007Tube Fitting, Dia. 4mm x PT1/8″M
C011Insert, Dia. 4mm x 2.5mm
C009Sleeve Ring, Dia. 4mm

Multi-Point Installation

Kit No. 1250RC2~4 Type

Part No.DescriptionAvailable Kits & Component Parts
OL UnitAvailable SeparatelySold separately
A002Reducer, 3/8″F x 1/8″M Adaptor (Brass)1EA
B002Mounting Bracket, “L”Shape1EA
B051Self Drilling Screw, #8 x 207EA9EA11EA
C006Reducer, PT 1/8″F x M8 x 1P1EA
C003-1Distributor, 3 (1P) M8 x 1P1EA
C003-2Distributor, 4 (2P) M8 x 1P1EA
C003-3Distributor, 5 (3P) M8 x 1P1EA
C004Resistance Valve, #1 Distributor Spray2EA3EA4EA
C021-2Distribution Tubing, O.D. 4mm x I.D. 2.5mm Nylon Tubing, 20ft (6m)1EA
C021-3Distribution Tubing, O.D. 4mm x I.D. 2.5mm Nylon Tubing, 30ft (9m)1EA
C021-4Distribution Tubing, O.D. 4mm x I.D. 2.5mm Nylon Tubing, 40ft (12m)1EA
C010Tube Clamp, Dia. 4mm x 1R4EA6EA8EA
C007Tube Fitting, Dia. 4mm x PT1/8″M2EA3EA4EA
C011Insert, Dia. 4mm x 2.5mm2EA3EA4EA
C009Sleeve Ring, Dia. 4mm4EA6EA8EA
Cable Tie4EA6EA8EA

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