Cargo Gear Dynamic Load Test Equipment

Cargo Gear Dynamic Load Test Equipment
Cargo Gear Dynamic Load Test Equipment

Portable Digital Crane Dynamometers

for on-board and on-site Proof Load Dynamic Testing of Ship, Offshore, Port, Construction & Industrial Cranes, Winches, as well as Bollard Pull Testing and other applications ie wire rope / cable breaking strength, pull out tests, etc.

Ship & Offshore Crane/Derrick on-board load & pull testing/inspection has never been easier.
The best alternative to weights. Accurate, user friendly, and fast. That is all that is needed.
Proof load testing is an essential part of any inspection, repair and maintenance programme. In many countries proof load testing of lifting equipment such as cranes is a mandatory requirement. A successful proof load test instills confidence in customer, operator and owner.
Crane dynamometer with remote digital indication.

Sigma EBW series wireless dynamometers

The ideal instrument for inspection and certification of Lifting Equipment.

· Remote digital indication and control.
· Accuracy: 0.05% for 1-50t, 0.1% for above 50t capacity.
· Breaking strength four times of capacity.
· Allowed peak load 1,25 times of capacity.
· Taring range 100% of capacity.
· Dynamometer protection rating IP67.

Sigma EBW series wireless dynamometers are microprocessor controlled for high precision accuracy, with calibration by handheld indicator 280D.

Material : Nickel plated high strength alloy steel.

Protection class : IP67class water proof.

Accuracy : 0.05% for 1-50t, 0.1% for above 50t capacity.

Units : Units are clearly display on the screen, available in the following measurement reading: kilograms(kg), short Tons(t) pounds(lb), Newton and kilonewton(kN).

Shackles : High tension industrial standard G2130 anchor shackle bows, galvanized finish.

Gravity regulation : The acceleration of gravity can be regulated through indicator parameter setting according to different places value.

Functions : Wireless indicator with many functions: Zero, tare, Low battery warnings, peak hold, overload warning. User calibration (with password).

Set-Point : Two user programmable Set-Point can be used for safety and warning applications or for limit weighing.

Package : Packed with carry case, easy to carry.

Communication : RS232 output.


280D Indicator Display : 25mm (1’’) 5digits LCD with backlight.
Power on zero range : 20% F.S.
Manual Zero Range : 4% F.S.
Tare Range : 100% F.S.
Stable Time : ≤5seconds.
Overload Indication : 100% F.S. + 9e.
Max. Safety Load : 125% F.S.
Ultimate Load : 400% F.S.
IP-67 protected from dust and water
Body Battery : Standard 18650 Lithium battery, 3.7V/3100mAh.
Indicator Battery : Standard 18650 Lithiumbattery, 3.7V/3100mAh.
Operating Temp. : -20℃~ + 50℃.
Operating Humidity : ≤85% RH under 20℃.
Wireless Distance : 200M without obstacle.
Wireless Frequency : 433MHz.


(Dimensions shown are nominal and subject to tolerances)

Cargo Gear Dynamic Load Test Equipment Dimensions
Cargo Gear Dynamic Load Test Equipment Dimensions
Cap (kg)A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)F (mm)G (mm)2-Φ (mm)N.W. (kg)


Marine : Ship hoisting and lifting equipment proof load testing (Main and auxiliary deck cranes, Deck service cranes, Provision cranes, Engine room overhead travelling cranes, Utility winches, Powered hoists, Lifeboat and life raft davits, lifting gear assemblies), Offshore installations, shipbuilding and repair companies, docks and harbours, Boat weighing, Bollard Pull Test.

Industrial : testing overhead cranes, beams, gantries and elevators in Power stations, refineries, factories and crane companies. Breaking point tests by tension for cables, wire ropes, parachutes, etc.

Engineering : load measurement by structural engineers, construction companies, naval architects and engineers, logistics management companies.

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