Pressure & Level Sensors Type LevelSCOUT
Pressure & Level Sensors Type LevelSCOUT

Pressure And Level Sensors Type LevelSCOUT Seametrics

LevelSCOUT Seametrics

Low-cost Level & Temperature Datalogging
  • Records level and temperature.
  • Low power—4.5 year battery life.
  • Integrated datalogger collects up to 50,000 records.
  • Small diameter—0.875″ (2.22 cm).
  • Easily connects with other sensors via RS485 network.
  • Includes new Aqua4Plus control software.


The LevelSCOUT is great almost anywhere you need to measure level and temperature—whether it be in a lake, a tank, or a well.

A level and temperature sensor with integrated datalogging, this sensor is constructed with 316 stainless steel or titanium, fluoropolymer, and acetal—providing highly accurate readings in rugged and corrosive field conditions.


Pressure & Level Sensors Type LevelSCOUT
Pressure & Level Sensors Type LevelSCOUT


  • Measures level, temperature, and time.
  • Thermally compensated—great where water temperatures vary, such as in streams or industrial tank applications.
  • ± 0.05% FS.
  • Low power—4.5 year battery life.
  • 316 stainless steel, fluoropolymer, and acetal construction (titanium optional).
  • Modbus® RTU protocol—for great flexibility.


  • Non-volatile memory—your data will not be lost in the event of a power failure.
  • Pause logging feature—temporarily pause the logging while repositioning or transporting sensor.
  • Delayed start feature—state a specific future start time, making it easy to set several sensors to start at the same time.

Cabling & Networking

  • Wireless connectivity.
  • RS485 network—allows several sensors to be networked together and provides much longer cable leads.
  • Field-serviceable connectors—easily remove the connector, route cable through well seals, walls, or conduit, and then replace connector.
  • Available cableless or with a user attachable PU or ETFE cable.


  • Comes with free Aqua4Plus control software to get you up and running immediately.
  • View your data in real-time.
  • Easy export to spreadsheets and databases.
  • Barometric compensation utility.
  • Update sensor via firmware while in the field—great for future updates.


  • Site assessments.
  • Tidal studies.
  • Environmental monitoring.
  • Surface water discharge measurement.
  • Aquifer level monitoring.
  • Aquifer storage & recovery.

The Seametrics LevelSCOUT Smart Sensor is an integrated datalogger and level/temperature sensor and is ideal for site assessments, tidal studies, environmental monitoring, surface water discharge measurement, and aquifer level monitoring, as well as aquifer storage and recovery. This sensor networks with all of the Seametrics Smart Sensor family. This industry standard digital RS485 interface device records up to 50,000 records of level, temperature, and time data, operates with low power, and features easy-to-use software with powerful features. Constructed with 316 stainless steel or grade 2 titanium, acetal, and fluoropolymer, this sensor provides high-accuracy readings in rugged and corrosive field conditions.

The LevelSCOUT is an absolute sensor, requiring no vent tubes, desiccant, or bellows. It can be paired with a BaroSCOUT barometric sensor and used with the Aqua4Plus 2.0 Barometric Compensation Utility to adjust the LevelSCOUT readings for current atmospheric pressure. A replaceable 1/2 AA 3.6v lithium battery powers the LevelSCOUT. The unit is programmed using our easy-to-use control software. Once programmed the unit will measure and collect data at the time interval set. While most will use the LevelSCOUT with Seametrics’ Aqua4Plus 2.0
software, it is by no means limited to that software. You can use your own Modbus® RTU software or logging equipment to read measurements via RS485, tying into your existing telemetry and control systems.


  •  Measures/Records level and temperature.
  •  Low power — 4.5 year battery life.
  •  Replaceable battery.
  •  Modbus® RTU (RS485).
  •  ± 0.05% FS accuracy.
  •  Small diameter — 0.875” (2.22 cm).
  •  50,000 record non-volatile memory.
  •  Barometric compensation utility.
  •  Free, easy-to-use Aqua4Plus 2.0.
  •  our new upgraded software.

    Pressure & Level Sensors Type LevelSCOUT Dimension
    Pressure & Level Sensors Type LevelSCOUT Dimension
Length (cabled version) 6.6” (16.7 cm)
Length (cableless version) 5.1” (12.9 cm)
Diameter 0.875” (2.22 cm)
Body Material 316 stainless steel or grade 2 titanium
Wetted Materials 316 stainless steel or grade 2 titanium, acetal, fluoropolymer
Communication RS485 Modbus® RTU
Direct Modbus Read Output 32-bit IEEE floating point
Internal Math 32-bit floating point
Operating Temp. Range -20° C to 60° C
Storage Temp. Range -40° C to 80° C
Regulatory CE
Memory 50,000 records
Logging Rate 1x per second
Software Complimentary Aqua4Plus 2.0
File Formats .csv / .a4d
Internal Battery One replaceable 1/2 AA 3.6V
lithium battery
Expected Battery Life 4.5 years (depending on use)
Element Type Thermistor
Accuracy ± 0.1° C
(from -20° C to 60° C)
Resolution 0.01° C
Units Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin
Transducer Type Silicon strain gauge
Transducer Material 316 stainless steel or Hastelloy® C276
30, 50, 100, 300
35, 81, 196, 658
10, 24, 59, 200
Units PSI, FtH2O, inH2O, cmH2O,
mmH2O, mH2O, inHg, cmHg,
mmHg, Bars, mBars, kPa
Accuracy ± 0.05% FS (@ 20° C)
± 0.10% FS (0° C to 40° C)
Resolution 0.0034% FS (typical)
Maximum Operating Pressure 1.1 x FS
Over Range Protection 3x FS (for >300 psi2, 1.75 FS)
Burst Pressure 600 psi (approx. 1350 ft or 410 m)

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