CTD and Multiparameter Instruments
CTD and Multiparameter Instruments

CTD and Multiparameter Instruments

SWiFTplus Turbidity

SWiFTplus combines wide range Turbidity observations with Valeport’s survey grade sound speed, temperature and pressure sensor technology coupled with the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable batteries. An integral GPS module, to geo-locate each profile, completes the package. Data can be easily and quickly downloaded and reviewed wirelessly, via Bluetooth, using an App and instantly shared, in industry standard SVP formats through email and cloud services. Using the provided USB adapter or cable, Valeport’s Connect software package provides further tools.

In addition to the directly measured turbidity, sound speed, temperature and pressure observations, Conductivity, Salinity and, therefore, Density are calculated using Valeport’s proprietary algorithm developed from extensive laboratory and field work.


  • Multi-Parameter Profiler.
    – CTD, Sound Speed, Salinity, Density.
    – Dual Optical Backscatter (OBS) and Nephelometer Turbidity Sensor.
  • 32Hz sampling rate.
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity.
  • Integral GPS receiver for profile geo-location.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries.
  • Dedicated PC software and iOS portable device App.
CTD and Multiparameter Instruments
CTD and Multiparameter Instruments

Valeport’s Turbidity technology is essentially two sensors in one. The first is a “classic” nephelometer, using a 90˚ beam angle for turbidity levels between 0 and 2,000 NTU. The second sensor uses Optical Backscatter (OBS) for turbidity levels up to 10,000 NTU.

The sensors output data separately and simultaneously at a programmable rate. This means that there is no need to switch ranges as conditions vary. Intelligent sampling and the use of a 24 bit ADC eliminates the need to switch gain.

Sensor Specification and Physcal dimensions
Sensor Specification and Physcal dimensions

#Calculated Accuracies. Calculations based on Valeport’s proprietary DASH formula.

As part of our policy of continuing development, Valeport Ltd. reserve the right to alter at any time,
without notice, all prices, specifications, designs and conditions of sale of all equipment.
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Datasheet Reference: SWiFTplus Profiler | September 2018 |

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