Portable mixer for marine

GREC has standardized a range of lightweight portable mixers for 200 liters drums and 1000 liters IBCs. According to EC regulations, these mixers can be held by one person, with possible help of lifting devices, can be fixed to the border of the container, and are equipped with local switch for full safety (electric version). They are designed to minimize weight and to maximize efficiency.

Mixers are driven by compressed air (with pneumatic motor) or electric power (with single/three phases electric motors).

Pneumatic versions gives additional feature of variable speed and ATEX conformance.

Version for 1000 liters standard IBC, 150 mm opening:

  1. Steel support with fixing clamps to IBC structure.
  2. Electric motor with local switch and 16A plug.
  3. Helical Gearbox.
  4. Folding Axial Turbine.

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