Spesification impeller application for marine

ship impeller
ship impeller

Spesification Impeller type 200 liters drum

Standard metallic chemicals drum, diameter 57cm, height 85cm.
Mixer is fixed to drum edge or external support with a clamp, or directly flanged on the cover.

ModelServiceImpeller typeImpeller dia (mm)Flow (m3/h)MotorSpeed (rpm)Shaft dxL (mm)Max visc. (cps)Height (mm)Total weight (kg)
AVM0-0, 12/8-MStandardMarine160610,12 kW 8p69020 x 700           1,4002159
AVM0-0, 12p-MPneumatic21510
AVSM0-0, 12/190-MSoftMarine220610,12 kW 4p19025 x 65015033010
AVSM0-0,75/280-CViscousSabre impeller3003800,75 kW 4p28025 x 600         10,00043524
AV0-1,1-SDispersionCowles150861,1 kW 4p142035 x 650           2,50028022

Impeller type

1. Sable Impeller

Sable Impeller for ship
  Sable Impeller for ship

2.  Cowles impeller

Cowles impeller for ship
Cowles impeller for ship

3. Marine propeller

ship propeller
ship propeller





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