ship impeller
ship impeller

Specification impeller for marine

Specification impeller for marine type 1000 liters drum

Standard white plastic container with zinc plated external structure, base 1,2 x 1m, height 1m.
Mixer is provided with steel support, able to be fixed to the external structure.
Folding axial turbine, dia 350mm is able to enter in the standard 150mm opening.

Model Service Impeller type Impeller dia (mm) Flow (m3/h) Motor Speed (rpm) Shaft dxL (mm) Max visc. (cps) Height (mm) Total weight (kg)
AV0-0,75-M Standard Marine 160 170 0,75 kW 4p 1400 20 x 850                800 240 16
AV0-0,75p-M Pneumatic 250 12
AVS0-0,25/110-P Soft Folding Axial Turbine 350 220 0,25 kW 8p 110 30 x 700 600 440 25
AVS0-0,25/110p-P Pneumatic 400 24
AVS0-0,75/220-P Viscous Folding Axial Turbine 350 440 0,75 kW 4p 220 30 x 700            5,000 440 25
AVS0-0,75/220p-P Pneumatic 400 24
AVS1-1,5/300-P Very Viscous Folding Axial Turbine 350 500 1,5 kW 4p 300 30 x 700          10,000 500 32
AVS1-1,5/300p-P Pneumatic 370 26

Impeller type for ship

1. Folding Axial Turbine

 Ship Folding Axial Turbine Impeller
Ship Folding Axial Turbine Impeller

2. Axial turbine

Axial turbine for ship
     Axial turbine for ship

      3. Marine propeller

ship propeller

 ship propeller


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