Nautical Barometer

Nautical Barometer


Case : 7 kinds of case model available:GL120,GL122,GL150,GL152.GL180,GL195,GL198.

style : 3 styles of dial optional.

B : Standard barometer dial with inch and millibar scale.

BO : Standard barometer dial with inch and millibar scales and opening center window.

BT : Standard barometer with bimetal thermometer.

Movement : Metal aneroid barometer movement,temperature compensted, fully adjustable,with Rosh CERTIFICATE.

*The color or luster is optional from : polished brass,chrome and stainless steel.

Waterproof : GL120.GL122,GL150,GL152,GL198 are semi-waterproof, can stand against splash water.

warranty : Movement:2-year warranty lifetime servicing.

Finish of case : 10-year warrany  life servicing.

Technical Specifications of Aneroid Barometer Movement.

Size Dia 64.5mm *23mm
Material Brass, Steel
Measurement Range 960-1060 hPa
Precision 990 – 1030 hPa : +/- hPa
Precision 960 – 990 hPa/1030-1060 hPa: +/-5hPa
Nautical Barometer
Nautical Barometer

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