Nautical Quartz Clock
Nautical Quartz Clock

Nautical Quartz Clock


Case : 7 kinds of case model available : GL120, GL122, GL150, GL152, GL180, GL195, GL198.

style : 4 styles of dial optional.

C1 : 12 hour Arabic numberals dial with smaller hour numberals from 13 to 00 to read GMT directly.

C2 : 12 hour Roman numberalsl dial.

C2A : 12 hour Roman numberals dial with dailing decor,available on GL180,195,198.

C3 : 12 hour signal flag numberals dial.

c4 : 24 hour Arabic numberals dial.

c5 : 12 hour Arabic numberals dial with red two-3 minute silent periods,the gree two 3-Minute silent Periods.

and 4 second marks which is red around the outside edge of the dial

TT : 12 hour Arabic numberals dial with tide inditation.

Movement : Youngtown 12888 12 hour format quartz clock movement with CE certificatte.

Waterproof : GL152-CW,GL198-CW waterproof available :

Warranty : Movement : 5 year warranty:Lifetime servicing.

Finish of case : 10 year warranty:Lifetime servicing.

Tcehnical Specifications of Yountown 12888 Quartz clock Movement.

Operation voltage 1.3V-1.7V
Time keeping accuracy +/-30sec/Month At 1.5V DC.25C
Current consumption Less than 150u At 1.5V DC
Torque At Second Hand 0.6 (gr-cm)
Torque At Minute Hand Less than 36(gr-cm)
Operating Temperature Range -10C-60C
Battery Life Approx. one year (UM-3)
Time Indication 12-Hour Indication By 3 Hands (Analogue)
Time Indication (C4:24 hours) 24-Hour Indication By 3 Hands (Analogue)
Nautical Quartz Clock
Nautical Quartz Clock

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