Nautical Thermometer & Hygrometer

Nautical Thermometer & Hygrometer


Nautical Thermometer & Hygrometer

Case : 7 kinds of case model are available:GL120,GL122,GL150,GL152.GL180,GL195,GL198

style : T:Standard thermometer dial with C & F scales.

H : Standard hygrometer dial with relative humidity shown in % scales.

TH : Comfortmeter dial:the thermometer displays temperaute in both C and F on the left scale,  and the hygrometer showing % of relative humidity on the right.

Movement : Bimetal thermometer and hygrometer, with RoSH Certificate, pre-adjusted in a temperature controlled environement.

*The color or luster is optional from which of polished brass,chrome and stainless steel.

Waterproof : GL120.GL122,GL150,GL152,GL198 are semi-waterproof, can stand against splash water.

warranty : Movement:2-year warranty lifetime servicing.

Finish of case : 10-year warrany  life servicing.

Technical Specifications of Aneroid Barometer Movement.

Bimetal Thermometer

Range -20+50C  / -4-122F
Tolerance +/- 2C
Bimetal Hygrometer
Range 20-90%RH
Tolerance +/- 9
Nautical Thermometer & Hygrometer
Nautical Thermometer & Hygrometer

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