MiniSVS Sound Velocity Sensors For Marine
MiniSVS Sound Velocity Sensors For Marine

MiniSVS Sound Velocity Sensors For Marine

The miniSVS Sound Velocity Sensors use state of the art digital “time of flight” technology to provide the lowest noise, highest accuracy, best resolution sound velocity data available.

Small size and a choice of sensor lengths down to just 25mm make the sensor suitable for a variety of applications, and the optional pressure or temperature sensor adds versatility. There is a choice of data formats to allow interface to existing systems. We will also consider OEM and custom designs.

Valeport’s unique digital time of flight technology gives unmatched performance figures, with signal noise an order of magnitude better than any other sensor. The miniSVS is available in a selection of configurations and with optional pressure or temperature sensors. There are a number of size options to suit many applications.

miniSVS – still the most accurate sound velocity sensor in the world. Nothing else comes close.

MiniSVS Sound Velocity Sensors For Marine
MiniSVS Sound Velocity Sensors For Marine

Sound Velocity Measurement

Each sound velocity measurement is made using a single pulse of sound travelling over a known distance, so is independent of the inherent calculation errors present in all CTDs. Our unique digital signal processing technique virtually eliminates signal noise, and gives almost instantaneous response; the digital measurement is also entirely linear, giving predictable performance under all conditions.

Physical :
Range : 1375 – 1900m/s
Resolution : 0.001m/s
Accuracy : Dependent on sensor size
100mm Random noise (point to point) ±0.002m/s
Max systematic calibration error ±0.013m/s
Max systematic clock error ±0.002m/s
Total max theoretical error ±0.017m/s
50mm Total max theoretical error ±0.019m/s
25mm Total max theoretical error ±0.020m/s

Acoustic Frequency : 2.5MHz
Sample Rate : Selectable, dependent on configuration.

Single Sample

Optional Sensors

The miniSVS may be optionally supplied with either a pressure or temperature sensor (but not both). Data is sampled at the rates shown above.

Sensor Pressure Temperature
Type Strain Gauge PRT
Range 5, 10, 50, 100 or 600 Bar -5°C to +35°C
Resolution 0.001% range 0.001°C
Accuracy ±0.05% range ±0.01°C

Data Output

The miniSVS has RS232 & RS485 output, selected by command code. RS232 data may be taken directly into a PC over cables up to 200m long, hereas RS485 is suitable for longer cables (up to 1000m) and allows for multiple addressed units on a single cable.

Baud Rate : 2400 – 115200 (NB. Low baud rates may limit data rate)
Protocol : 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, No parity, No flow control
Electrical :
Voltage : 8 – 30vDC
Power : 0.25W (SV only), 0.35W (SV + Pressure)
Connector : SubConn MCBH6F (alternatives on request)

Data Format

Examples of data formats are :

SV : Choose from:
mm/s (1510123)
m/s to 3 decimal places (1510.123)
m/s to 2 decimal places (1510.12)
Pressure : If fitted, pressure is always output in dBar with 5 digits, with a decimal point, including leading zeroes if necessary. Position of the point is
dependent on sensor range, e.g.
50dBar      47.123
100dBar      047.12
1000dBar   0047.1
Temperature : If fitted, temperature is output as a 5 digit number with 3 decimal places and leading zeroes, signed if negative, e.g.




Please refer to factory for detailed dimensions if required.

Depth Rating : 6000m (Titanium), 500m (Acetal)
Weight : 1kg (housed type)
Housing & Bulkhead : Titanium or Acetal, as selected
Transducer Window : Polycarbonate
Sensor Legs : Carbon Composite
Reflector Plate : Titanium.
Configuration 100mm 50mm 25mm
Titanium Housing 0652004 0652005 0652006
Acetal Housing 0652045 0652046 0652047
Bulkhead OEM 0652001 0652002 0652003
Remote OEM 0652007 0652008 0652009
Titanium + Pressure 0652004-P 0652005-P 0652006-P
Titanium +Temperature 0652004-T 0652005-T 0652006-T

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