Sound Velocity For Marine Type SWiFT SVP
Sound Velocity For Marine Type SWiFT SVP

Sound Velocity For Marine Type SWiFT SVP

Designed from the outset with the intention of a seamless workflow, the SWiFT SVP has integral GPS to geo-locate every profile.

This new compact unit features high accuracy SV, Pressure and Temperature as you would expect, plus integral GPS, re-chargeable battery, LED status indications for GPS, battery and communications.

Sound Velocity For Marine Type SWiFT SVP
Sound Velocity For Marine Type SWiFT SVP

Designed from the outset with the intention of a seamless workflow, the SWiFT profiler provides survey-grade sensor technology coupled with the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable batteries. An integral GPS module, to geo-locate each profile, completes the package. Data can be easily and quickly downloaded and reviewed wirelessly, via Bluetooth, using the SWiFT App on iOS devices and instantly shared, in industry standard SVP formats through email and cloud services. Using the provided USB adapter or cable, Valeport’s DataLog x2 software package provides further tools.

In addition to the directly measured sound speed, temperature and pressure observations, Conductivity, Salinity and Density are calculated using Valeport’s proprietary algorithm developed from extensive laboratory and field work.

With an operational battery life of up to 5 days and the convenience of charging via USB, SWiFT is intended for coastal, harbour and inland hydrographic survey use and offers the highest quality sound velocity profiles in a compact, robust and portable package.

Optionally, the supplied deployment weight is available to bolt onto the sensor protection cage to help get the SWiFT to depth in fast flowing currents.

Sensor Specifications

The SWiFT SVP is fitted with Valeport’s digital time of flight sound velocity sensor, temperature compensated piezo-resistive pressure transducer and a PRT temperature sensor.

Sound Velocity
Range : 1375 – 1900 m/s
Resolution : 0.001 m/s
Accuracy : ±0.02 m/s
Range : 10 Bar or 20Bar
Resolution : 0.001% FS
Accuracy : ±0.05% FS
Range : -5°C to +35°C
Resolution : 0.001°C
Accuracy : ±0.01°C

Calculated Accuracies

Calculations based on Valeport’s proprietary DASH formula
Conductivity : ±0.05 mS/cm
Salinity : ±0.05 PSU
Density : ±0.05 kg/m3


Materials : Titanium | Stainless Steel deployment weight
Depth Rating : 200m
Dimensions : Ø78mm x Length 264mm
307mm with deployment weight
Weight : 2.0kg (in air) / 0.9kg (in water)

3.0kg (in air) /1.8kg (in water)
with deployment weight

Communications (set up and data offload)

USB Serial
Bluetooth v4 – low energy


2 GB Internal Flash Card Storage

Battery : Internal Rechargeable Battery Pack
Battery Life : Up to 5 days of operations
Charging : USB
typically, 1 hour fast charging w ill give 12 hours operation


iOS App for Bluetooth compatible mobile devices – instrument set up, data offload, display and translation to common SVP formats, Android to follow. Valeport’s Connect PC software, with both USB cable and Bluetooth connectivity, for instrument setup, data extraction, display and translation to common SVP formats.

0660047 XX SWIFT SVP Profiler –
Titanium housing rated to 200m
Note : XX pressure transducer range – select from 10 or 20 Bar
Charging : Supplied with :
· Deployment weight.
· PC Bluetooth adapter.
· USB interface and charging cable.
· 1.5 A charger.
· Valeport Connect software, operating manual.
· System transit case.

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