Pressure And Level Sensors Type PT2X-BV Seametrics
Pressure And Level Sensors Type PT2X-BV Seametrics

Pressure And Level Sensors Type PT2X-BV Seametrics

PT2X-BV Seametrics

The Seametrics PT2X-BV is a special version of the PT2X designed to measure barometric and vacuum pressure in reference to absolute pressure, along with temperature and time. It will measure pressure/ vacuum from 600 to 1100 millibars.

Pressure measurement is accomplished utilizing an extremely rugged and stable 15 PSIA piezo-electric media-isolated pressure element combined with a 16-bit analog-to-digital converter. This provides extremely accurate and stable pressure input into the microprocessor on the circuit board that measures the pressure, stores the data in non-volatile memory, and communicates the information via a serial communication link (RS485) to the host computer.

Temperature measurement is accomplished utilizing a temperature sensor chip.

The PT2X-BV is available in two enclosures – either an ABS weather-proof box or a stainless steel tube. The tube version is available with either a solid end cone or an NPT end cone for connecting to piping.

The PT2X-BV can be networked with other Seametrics Smart Sensors and controlled directly from a single computer.

While most will use the PT2X-BV with our Aqua4Plus 2.0 software, it is by no means limited to that software. You can use your own Modbus® RTU or SDI-12 software or logging equipment to read measurements, thus tying into your existing telemetry and control systems.

Barometric & Vacuum with Datalogging
  • Provides barometric compensation for PT2X sensors with free Aqua4Plus software.
  • Stores over 520,000 records of pressure, temperature, and time data.
  • Includes RS485 interface for easy networking.
  • Available in a weatherproof box or 316 stainless steel tube (NPT optional).


Built on Seametrics’ Pressure & Temperature Smart Sensor platform, the PT2X-BV is an ideal barometric reference for absolute versions of our PT2X pressure sensors.

Storing over 520,000 records of pressure, temperature and time data, this sensor features easy-to-use software and operates on low power—using two AA batteries during normal output or an auxiliary power supply for data-intensive applications.


Pressure And Level Sensors Type PT2X-BV Seametrics
Pressure And Level Sensors Type PT2X-BV Seametrics
  • Measures temperature in addition to barometric and vacuum pressures.
  • Comes with easy-to-use Aqua4Plus control software.
  • Available in two different casing options: a weatherproof box or 316 stainless steel tube (with an NPT option).
  • RS485 network—provides easy connections with other Seametrics Smart Sensors.


  • Barometrically compensate absolute pressure sensors for level measurement.
  • Measure vacuum pressure during vapor extraction pilot testing.
  • Supplement aquifer test data in leaky or confined conditions.


Box Enclosure Body Material ABS – IP66/67
Dimensions Box: 4.3” x 3.1” x 2.5” (10.9 x 7.9 x 6.4 cm)
Box and connectors: 4.3” x 3.6” x 2.5” (10.9 x 9.1 x 6.4 cm)
Wire Seal
Fluoropolymer and Buna N
Tube & Cable Body Material Acetal & 316 stainless or titanium
Dimensions Cabled: 12.18” x 0.75” diameter (30.9 cm x 1.9 cm)
Cableless: 11.93” x 0.75” diameter (30.3 cm x 1.9 cm)
Wire Seal Material Fluoropolymer and PTFE
Weight 0.8 lb. (0.4 kg)
Cable Submersible: polyurethane, polyethylene, or ETFE (4 lb./100 ft., 1.8 kg/30 m)
Environmental IP68, NEMA 6P
Field Connector Standard
Temperature Operating Range Recommended: -15˚ to 55˚C (5˚ to 131˚F)
Storage Range Without batteries: -40˚ to 80˚C (-40˚ to 176˚F)
Power Internal Battery Two lithium ‘AA’ batteries – Expected battery life: 18 months at 15 min. polling interval (may vary do to environmental factors)
Auxiliary 12 Vdc – Nominal, 9-15 Vdc – range
Logging Memory 4MB – 520,000 records
Logging Types Variable, user-defined, profiled
Logging Rates 8x/sec maximum, no minimum
Baud Rates 9600, 19200, 38400
Software Complimentary Aqua4Plus 2.0
Networking 32 available addresses per junction (Address range: 1 to 255)
File Formats .a4d and .csv
Output Channels Temperature Depth/Level
Element Digital IC on board Silicon strain gauge transducer, 316 stainless or Hastelloy
Accuracy ±0.5°C — 0° to 55°C (32˚ to 131˚F)
±2.0°C — below 0°C (32˚F)
±0.05% FSO (typical, static)
±0.1% FSO (maximum, static)
(B.F.S.L. 20˚C)
Resolution 0.1˚C 0.0034% FS (typical)
Units Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin PSI, FtH₂O, inH₂O, mmH₂O, mH₂O, inH₂O, cmHg, mmHg, Bars, Bars, kPa
Range -40˚ to 80˚C (-40˚ to 176˚F) 600 to 1100 millibars
Compensated 0˚ to 40˚C (32˚ to 104˚F)
Max operating pressure 1.1 x full scale
Burst pressure 2.0 x full scale

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