Marine Boat Sensor Magnetic Compass Sensor TMC
Marine Boat Sensor Magnetic Compass Sensor TMC

Marine Boat Sensor Magnetic Compass Sensor TMC

TMC-D/U Magnetic Compass Sensor, Marine compass sensor serves the purpose of communicating with the upper machine through a 485 interface half-duplex mode.
1. Small size
2. Wholesale product
3. Cheap price

The converter shifts course information into digital signals, which provides magnetic compass heading of information for the magnetic compass repeater, AIS and automatic helm and other marine equipments. It is used mainly in the nautical field, such as the ship automatic helm.

It complies with IEC 61162 HDM HDT output format, with steady operation. It can give the accurate reading of magnetic compass azimuth Angle, the output baud rate support 4800 bp/s, Its has a small size, light weight and low power consumption.

Mechanical parameters 

Distinguishability 0.025°
Reading precision 0.5°

Electric parameters 

Voltage 24V DC
Consumption power about 6W
Course heading serial interface RS422 or RS232(NMEA)

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