Tide Meter Type DFT-3 Oceanographical Observation

Digital Fuess Tide Gauge Model DFT-3
Digital Fuess Tide Gauge Model DFT-3

Digital Fuess Tide Gauge Model DFT-3

This tide gauge tells the up-and-down motion of float floated on the water surface to a pulley through a wire, and observes a tide level from the degree of rotation angle of a pulley. This equipment is adopted as a standard machine of a Japanese tide level meter.

Observation purpose

  • To tide level observation.
  • To coast disaster Tsunami, Storm Surge…

    Tidal observatory image
    Tidal observatory image


◆ There is no slide of a wire and exact tide level observation is possible.

◆ The data file of the large size can be collected by adopting the Compact Flash card.

◆ Contained data is recordable in ASCII form.

◆ At the time of a power failure, it can be backed up at a built-in nickel metal hydride battery.

◆ Observational data is outputted by RS-232C.


Sampling interval1, 6, 15, 30sec
Clock accuracy±30sec/month
Clock backupOperation for five years or more.
Tide level data inputA/D converter
Tide level data outputRS-232C
Tide convert range0~9.99m (with revisable function)
Display elementLCD display
Display itemsTime, Tide level, Others
Recording mediumCompact flash Card
Memory capacity64MByte (standard)
Power supply・Others
Power sourceAC100V (DC12V : option)
Consumption currentApprox. 30mA (in operation)
WeightApprox. 15 kg
Power failure retention timeApprox. 24 hours
Internal batterynickel metal hydride battery (R6x8)

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Composition items

  • Digital Fuess Tide Gauge (DFT-3) : 1 set.
  • Compact Flash Card (64MByte) : 1 piece.
  • Float : 1 piece.
  • Counter weight : 1 piece.
  • Graphical representation software : 1 set.
  • Instructions manual : 1 piece.
  • Inspection report : 1 piece.
Tide Meter Type DFT-3 Oceanographical Observation Dimensions
Tide Meter Type DFT-3 Oceanographical Observation Dimensions


Time series graph can be displayed from contained data.

Time-axis : 1hour,1day, 1week change is possible.

Tide range : 1,2,3,4,5,10m. change is possible.

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