SKIPPER DL2 Navigation Speed Logs

SKIPPER DL2 Navigation Speed Logs
SKIPPER DL2 Navigation Speed Logs

The SKIPPER DL2 is a Dual Axis Doppler Speed Log, working on the doppler principle, providing longitudinal and transversal ship’s speed (STW and SOG) and distance relative to sea water. The SKIPPER DL2 gives accurate navigation parameters, measured as they happen, and presented in a logical, user friendly way.


  • IMO Wheelmarked with MED-B
  • Water speed log in dual axis (STW)
  • Ground speed in dual axis (SOG)
  • Docking functionality as standard (Three axis in STW and SOG)
  • Sea Temperature readout from sensor
  • Touch Display
  • RMRS and CCS available on request
  • LAN and NMEA0183 output
  • User friendly programmable displays and integrated menus
  • Fully automatic settings
  • Resultant Sea Current in Speed and Direction

SKIPPER DL2 Specification

Speed Log: DL2
Number of Axis: 2 and 3
Speed range longitudinal: +/- 50 knots
Speed range transversal: +/-50 knots
Water track (from): 2 meter
Temperature accuracy error: <1°C
Power Supply: AC : 115-230 V 50/60 Hz
DC   : 24 V
Power Consumption: Max 30 W for complete speed log
Display: 9″ touch
Mounting dimensions display: 190x119x114 mm. Bracket or panel mounting
Accuracy (Better than): 0.2 knots or 2% whichever is greater
Accuracy: 1% available as an option
Weight: 1.4 kgs for display
1.5   kgs for electronic unit
10 kgs for sensor and 40 m cable
Standard cable length: None (max 100 m) for display
40   m for sensor
Mounting options: Steel Tank
Aluminium tank
100 mm Sea Valve   for single bottom
100 mm Sea Valve   for double bottom
DL850 540 kHz   retrofit in ETNSLB
Atlas Dolog 2x   retrofit
Sperry SRD   421/500 retrofit
Speed alarms: High and low speed limits
Power failure
Sensor failure
Outputs: 2xLAN (IEC61162-450)
4xNMEA0183   (IEC61162-1)
2xAuxiliary   (pulse, limit etc)
1xRelay (Alarm   etc.)
Inputs: 2xLAN (IEC61162-450)
2xNMEA0183   (IEC61162-1)
1xAuxiliary (alarm, sync etc.)
NMEA Outputs: Speed: VBW and VHW
Distance: VLW
Others: MTW   (Temperature)
Classification: IMO Wheelmarked
CCS on request
RMRS on request.
IEC61023, IEC60945, IEC61162-1/2/450, IEC62288 and ready for IEC61924

One full system consist of :

Display option :
CU-M001-SB   Touch
Sensor options :

Sensor Option
Sensor Option
DL2SG-SA for 100 mm Sea Valve
DL2ST-SA for Steel Tank
DL2STA-SA for Aluminium Tank
DL2SDR-SA for Atlas Dolog 2x retrofit
DL2SE-SA for ETNSLB retrofit
DL2SW-SA for Sperry SRD 421/500 retrofit
DL2STR-SA for Steel tank retrofit with diver
Electronic Unit options :

Electronic Unit
Electronic Unit
JB70D2-SA Standard
JB70D2-SA-OPT For extra options
Extra options software :
JB70D2-OPT-1PC – 1% accuracy
JB70D2-OPT-SYNC – Sync features
Bottom housings :

Bottom housings
Bottom housings
SB-100-SB Sea Valve for single bottom
DB-100-SB Sea Valve for double bottom
ETNSTCL Steel Tank
ETNALC Aluminium Tank

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