SABIK MARINE Buoy Lanterns
SABIK MARINE Buoy Lanterns

Sabik Marine is the global leader in the marine aids-to-navigation business with a mission to enhance the maritime safety. We design and manufacture self-contained lanterns, high quality LED marine signals and solutions with advanced remote monitoring and control. Coast guards, marine authorities, navies and ports around the globe trust our products and together with our global distributor network we serve customers locally in all longitudes and latitudes.

We are highly committed to being innovators in the industry and were the first to introduce LED technology and remote monitoring in marine navigation aids. As active members of IALA (The International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities), we contribute to the development of industry standards and technologies.

Buoy Lanterns Application
Buoy Lanterns Application

In addition to our global marine signal business, we also develop and produce railway signals and variable message signs for road traffic for local projects in the Northern Europe. Today Sabik Marine belongs to SPX Corporation, a global supplier of highly engineered products and technologies, holding leadership positions in the HVAC, detection and measurement, and engineering solutions markets.

Robust component, integrated and self-contained LED buoy lanterns

Our comprehensive range of robust buoy lanterns include self-contained lanterns, integrated buoy lanterns and ice-buoy lanterns.  Almost all our lanterns can incorporate GPS synchronization and advanced connectivity solutions such as remote monitoring and control.


The buoy lantern VP LED is a LED lantern designed to be used in moderate ice conditions. It has a proven record of surviving the crushing pressure and dynamic forces of ice. VP LED is mainly used on plastic ice spars and buoys when a lightweight unit is important.

SABIK MARINE Ice Buoy Lantern VP LED features :

  • Marine grade aluminium housing
  • Designed to be fully waterproof, can sustain extensive submersion
  • Integrates firmly onto buoy top and presents a very low profile to lateral forces from ice
  • Lantern can be removed for battery replacement
  • Range up to 6 NM (Tc = 0,74)
  • Standard IALA colours red, green, white and yellow
  • Extremely low power consumption, ideal for primary battery operation
  • Integrated flasher with day light switch
  • Adjustable intensity and range
  • Programmable with Sabik standard IR programming devices
  • Integrated 365 day event log
  • Optional integrated GPS synchronization
  • Optional integrated GSM Remote monitoring
  • Optional Bluetooth control


Optical Performance
Maximum fixed intensity
At full power 6 W W 120 cd 160 cd 240 cd 120 cd
Main Technical Specification
Lens visual/Mechanical diameter 160 mm
Lens material UV stabilized Polycarbonate
Light source Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
Vertical divergence 10° @ 50 % (±1°) of peak intensity
Unit lifetime Up to 10 years
Weight 3.2 kg
Temperature range -40°…+60°C
Supply Voltage 10 – 32 VDC
Solar Panel Charger 16 ampere PWM charger
Power consumption Max 6 watts
Degree of protection IP 68
Cable length 2 m / 6 m
SABIK MARINE Buoy LED lantern Size

SABIK MARINE Buoy VPD LED lantern Size
SABIK MARINE Buoy VPD LED lantern Size

SABIK MARINE Buoy LED lantern Size
SABIK MARINE Buoy LED lantern Size

Order Overview VP LED

W = Wide(10° @ 50 % of peak intensity)
Yellow VP-LED-WY

Product code example: VP-LED-NW-13
• VP-LED is Sabik code for a buoy lantern
• NW is the code for a Narrow lens in white
• 13 is a selection of option 13 Aux card with RS485 and I/O

Order Overview VP LED B/Y

Wreck marking buoy lantern blue/yellow

Product codes
Option matrix
OPT 4: GPS sync Integrated GPS sync including GPS antenna
OPT 9: LightGuard GSM + GPS Integrated GSM based monitoring including GSM/GPS antennas
OPT 10: LightGuard GSM Integrated GSM based monitoring including GSM antenna
OPT 11: Control card Control card for secondary battery
OPT 12: Aux card with I/O Aux card including I/O ports
OPT 13: Aux card with RS485 and I/O Aux card including RS 485 and I/O port

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