Sealite Barrier Floats (SL-BF)

Barrier Floats Sealite

Sealite barrier floats can be linked together to restrict boating traffic and swimmers from entering specific danger areas such as spillways and dams. They are manufactured using strong, UV-stabilised polyethylene and are available in a range of high visibility colours.

Available in 18″ or 24″ diameter.

To service the urgent need requirements of our customers, Sealite keeps stock available ready for immediate shipment. Please view our other marine floats.

Product Code: SL-BF-1830, SL-BF-18-Swivel, SL-BF-2436, SL-BF-24-Swivel.

Barrier Floats
Barrier Floats

Sealite Barrier Floats Features

  • Strong polyethylene construction
  • Rotationally moulded single float piece with wall thickness of 5mm
  • Polyurethane foam filled – virtually unsinkable
  • High visibility red, green, white, blue or yellow as per IALA recommendations
  • Easy to install
  • Optional accessories including cable & mooring equipment


Specifications SL-BF-15-XX SL-BF-1830-X SL-BF-2436-X
Total Float Volume (gal/ltr) 7.5 (29) 26.5 (100) 56.5 (21.4)
Total Reserve Buoyancy (lb/kg) 53 (24) 174 (79) 370 (168)
Wall Thickness (in/mm) 0.2 (5) 0.2 (5) 0.2 (5)
Length (in/mm) 15 (382) 30 (762) 36 (914)
Diameter (in/mm) 15 (382) 18 (457) 24 (610)
Weight (lb/kg) 10 (4.5) 21 (9.5) 39 (17.5)
Swivel Ends (optional) XX = S (Swivel at both end)
XX = BE (Pipe thru swivel at
Bottom Eye only)
X = Swivel Ends X = Swivel Ends


Technical Specifications

Barrier Floats (SL-BF) Sealite Specification
Barrier Floats (SL-BF) Sealite Specification
Barrier Floats (SL-BF) Sealite Illustration
Barrier Floats (SL-BF) Sealite Illustration

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