5-9NM Solar Marine Lantern (SL-C510)

5-9NM Solar Marine Lantern (SL-C510)
5-9NM Solar Marine Lantern (SL-C510)

The SL-C510 is the first small form factor 5-9NM lantern in the mid-range space incorporating two-way global satellite technology, OLED display, Bluetooth® connectivity and exclusive monitoring and control options via the Iridium® satellite network.

The SL-C510 is high intensity, completely self-contained and offers class leading features to improve the way customers manage their valuable aids to navigation assets. Designed with next generation solar technology including individual active maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and enhanced LED optics, the range offers high operating efficiency and run time.

The SL-C510 is designed and manufactured to withstand the tough marine environment and is a game changer for maintenance staff with easy and fast maintenance now a viable option.

5-9NM Solar Marine Lantern (SL-C510)
5-9NM Solar Marine Lantern (SL-C510)

Intensity Range

High intensity capabilities of up to 1100 candela in white utilising leading technology LEDs for a visible range of 5-9NM.

Enhanced Optics

The optics and lens design ensures that vessel operators can clearly see the light from above when passing the AtoN.

Solar Efficiency

Designed with next generation solar technology including individual active MPPT (maximum power point tracking), maximising the power extracted from the solar panels for improved performance and efficiency.

Technical Application
Technical Application

OLED Screen with Touchpad

The conveniently located OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) screen with touchpad allows maintenance personnel to check the diagnostics of the lantern with the touch of a button.

Bluetooth® Connectivity

Integrated Bluetooth® technology using the exclusive SealitePro® app allows for convenient in-field setup, configuration and maintenance from a location up to 50 metres away using your phone or tablet.

Satellite Communications

The SL-C510 is available with an optional integrated Iridium® Satellite module enabling two-way monitoring and control using the Iridium® Low Earth Orbit satellite network. Accessible via the Star2M® portal, the global Iridium® network offers genuine, pole-to-pole coverage and is the perfect communication partner for Sealite and our aids to navigation solutions.

Integrated, Internal AIS

Available as type 1 or type 3 and operating on the international VHF Marine Mobile Band for AtoN operational status and positioning information.

Available in three size configurations the SL-C510 provides an innovative and reliable solution for the 5-9NM range.



  • Enhanced optics
  • GPS synchronisation
  • OLED screen with touchpad in lens
  • Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Satellite communications
  • AIS Type 1 and Type 3
  • Composite moulded polymer base and top
  • Environmentally friendly bird spike
Technical Illustrations
Technical Illustration


High Performance

  • Premium-grade solar modules with individual active MPPT
  • Heavy-duty aluminium chassis
  • User-replaceable components including battery
  • 200mm bolt pattern for immediate installation

Cost Effective

  • Low maintenance costs
  • Energy efficient light solution


  • IALA


  • IR programmable
  • Satellite communications
  • AIS


SL-C510Compact ChasisExtended Chassis AIS Chassis
Light Characteristics
Light SourceLED
Available ColoursRed, Green, White, Yellow, Blue
SL-C510-5D Typical Maximum Intensity (cd)†Red – 620, Green – 690, White – 1150, Yellow – 570, Blue – 310
SL-C510-10D Typical Maximum Intensity (cd)†Red – 460, Green – 440, White – 650, Yellow – 320, Blue – 200
Visible Range (NM)AT @ 0.74: 5-9NM
Horizontal Output (degrees)360
Vertical Divergence (degrees)>7
Available Flash CharacteristicsUp to 310 IALA recommended (user adjustable)
Intensity AdjustmentsMultiple intensity settings
LED Life Expectancy (hours)>100,000
Electrical Characteristics
Current Draw (mA)Refer to Sealite Solar Calculator
Circuit ProtectionIntegrated
Nominal Voltage (V)12
Autonomy (nights)>110 (14 hour darkness, 12.5% duty cycle)
Solar Characteristics
Solar Module TypeMonocrystalline
Output (watts)20 (4 x 5watt)33.6 (4 x 8.4 watt)33.6 (4 x 8.4watt)
Charging RegulationMPPT
Power Supply
Battery TypeSLA (Sealed Lead Acid)
Battery Capacity (Ah)122424
Physical Characteristics
Body MaterialAluminium chassis with UV-stabilised rubber corners & gaskets. Polymer composite-moulded top and base
Lens MaterialLEXAN® Polycarbonate – UV stabilised
Lens Diameter (mm/inches)99 / 3 7/8
Lens Design LED Optic
Mounting3 and 4 hole 200mm bolt pattern
Height (mm/inches)492 / 19.37648 / 25.50660 / 25.98
Width (mm/inches)234 / 9.05234 / 9.05234 / 9.05
Mass (kg/lbs)9.2 / 20.315.2 / 33.516.0 / 35.3
Service Life15 years
Environmental Standards
ShockMIL-STD-202G Test Condition H, Method 213B 30G
vertical and 35G horizontal shock
VibrationMIL-STD-202G, Test Condition B, Method 204D 5G in
all axes
Ice LoadingRated to withstand 22kg/m2
Salt FogMIL-STD-810F Method 509.4
Rain TestMIL-STD-810F Method 506.4 procedure 1
Wind ExposureRated to withstand 140 knots
HumidityMIL-STD-810F method 507.4 (0 – 100%, condensing)
Temperature Range-30 to 50°C
IALASignal colors compliant to IALAE-200-1
Quality AssuranceISO 9001:2015
Ingress ProtectionIP68
Intellectual Property
TrademarksSEALITE® is a registered trademark of Sealite Pty Ltd
Warranty *3 years
Options Available• IR Programmer
• External ON/OFF Switch
• External Battery Charging Port
• Satellite Communications
• 5o
, 10o Lens


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