Marine Lantern Type 6-13NM+


The SL-155 Series are 6-13NM medium range marine lanterns, available in 2.5, 5, or 10 degree vertical distributions. A Wreck Light lantern to meet IALA recommendation 0-133 for temporary marking of danger or hazards is also available

Small Form Factor

The single tier SL-155 with multiple intensity adjustments, high levels of efficiency, and minimal wind loading, offers significant advantages over other lens stack assemblies.

Advanced PC or IR Programming

Sealite’s convenient PC Configuration Tool or IR programmer allows a host of features to be user set including ;
• Multiple intensity settings
• 310 flash settings including custom character
• Automatic effective intensity adjustment
• Adjustable on/off lux levels
• Low battery threshold
• GPS synchronisation offset
• Alarm conditions

Optional GPS Synchronisation

For flash synchronisation of lanterns a GPS module may be fitted.

When lanterns flash in synchronisation they can be clearly distinguished from other navaids and confusing background lighting – ideal for rivers and channel marking.

Optional GSM Monitoring & Control

The SL-155 lanterns may also be fitted with a GSM Cell-Phone Monitoring and Control System – enabling users to access real-time diagnostics data and change lantern settings via cell-phone. The system can also be configured to send out alarm SMS text messages to designated cellular telephone numbers.
Users can also have alarms and reports sent to designated email addresses.

Optional Type 1 or Type 3 AIS – Integrated or External

The SL-155 lanterns (5 & 10 degree models) are available with a class-leading integrated, low-powered Type 1 or Type 3 AIS.
When fitted, the AIS is encapsulated within the body of the SL-155 to maintain the weatherproof integrity and come standard with GPS.
All 3 models can also be ordered with an external Type 1 or Type 3 AIS transponder if required, along with various solar power options.


  • Over 10,000cd luminous intensity white
  • Compact single tier lantern up to 13NM visible range
  • PC or IR Programmer for setup, diagnostic & testing
  • Internal or external photocell options
  • Advanced remote monitoring features
  • Wide operating voltage range 10 – 30VDC
  • Internal data-logging for long term retention of key operational parameters & alarm conditions
  • Hardwire synchronisation supporting RS485, RS422
  • General purpose input & output

Technical Specification

ITEM5o & 10o Models (SL-155-5D & SL-155-10D)2.5o Model (SL-155-2.5D)
Light SourceHigh   efficiency LEDsHigh   efficiency LEDs
Available ColoursRed, Green,   White, YellowRed, Green,   White, Yellow
Maximum Luminous Intensity5 degree   model:2.5 degree   model:
(cd)†Red –   2,765 Green – 2,796 White – 4,611 Yellow – 2,778Red – 6,357   Green – 6,052 White – 10,505
10 degree   model:Yellow –   5,414
Red – 2,368   Green – 2,213 White – 3,910 Yellow – 2,041
Visible Range (NM)AT @ 0.74:   6–13AT @ 0.74:   6–13
AT @ 0.85:   7.8–19.2AT @ 0.85:   7.8–19.2
Horizontal Output (degrees)0 – 3600 – 360
Vertical Divergence (degrees)5 or 102.5
Available Flash CharacteristicsUp to 310   including 256 IALA recommended, & 1Up to 310   including 256 IALA recommended, & 1 custom
Intensity AdjustmentsUser   adjustableUser   adjustable
LED Life Expectancy (hours)>100,000>100,000
Electrical Characteristics
Average Power (W)Variable up   to 18Variable up   to 22
Circuit ProtectionPolarity   protectedPolarity   protected
Nominal Voltage (VDC)12–2412–24
Body MaterialMarine grade   two-part epoxy coatingMarine grade   two-part epoxy coating
Lens MaterialUV-stabilised   acrylicUV-stabilised   acrylic
Lens Diameter (mm/inches)171 / 6¾224 / 8¾
Lens DesignMultiple LED   opticMultiple LED   optic
Mounting3 & 4   hole 200mm bolt pattern3 & 4   hole 200mm bolt pattern
Height (mm/inches)217 / 8½231 / 91/8
Width (mm/inches)230 / 9230 / 9
Mass (kg/lbs)5 / 115.5 / 12¼
Product Life ExpectancyUp to 12   yearsUp to 12   years
Environmental Standards
ShockMIL-STD-202G   Test Condition H, Method 213B 30GMIL-STD-202G   Test Condition H, Method 213B 30G
vertical and   35G horizontal shockvertical and   35G horizontal shock
VibrationMIL-STD-202G,   Test Condition B, Method 204D 5G inMIL-STD-202G,   Test Condition B, Method 204D 5G in all
all axesaxes
ImmersionMIL-STD-202G,   Method 104AMIL-STD-202G,   Method 104A
Ice LoadingRated to   withstand 22kg/m2Rated to   withstand 22kg/m2


Intellectual Property
TrademarksSEALITE® is a registered trademark of SealitePtyLtdSEALITE® is a registered trademark of SealitePtyLtd
Warranty *3 years3   years
Options Available• GPS   Synchronisation• GPS Synchronisation
• AIS Type 1   or Type 3• AIS Type 1 or Type 3
• GSM   Monitoring & Control System• GSM Monitoring & Control System
•   RS232/422/485 Communication Port• RS232/422/485 Communication Port
• General   purpose input & output• General purpose input & output
• Variety of   solar/battery configurations• Variety of solar/battery configurations
• Serial   programming cable•  Serial programming cable
• Hard-wire Synchronisation• Hard-wire Synchronisation

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