7-11NM Omni-Directional Marine Sector Lantern (SL-ODSL)

7-11NM Omni-Directional Sector Lantern (SL-ODSL)
7-11NM Omni-Directional Sector Lantern (SL-ODSL)

The SL-ODSL is a high intensity, two-tier Omni-directional Marine Sector Lantern with a range of 7-11NM. It is designed and manufactured to withstand the tough marine environment, providing years of reliable, low-maintenance service.

7-11NM Omni-Directional Sector Lantern (SL-ODSL)
7-11NM Omni-Directional Sector Lantern (SL-ODSL)

Intensity Range

High intensity capabilities of up to 2600 candela in white utilising leading technology LEDs for a visible range of 7-11NM.

Enhanced Optics

The refractive optics and lens design ensures light is only projected where it is needed, allowing for greater optical range as well as power efficiency.

Bluetooth® Connectivity

Integrated Bluetooth® technology using the exclusive SealitePro® app. This allows for convenient in-field setup, configuration and maintenance from a location up to 50 metres away, using your phone or tablet.

Satellite Communications (Pending)

The SL-ODSL is available with an optional Iridium® Satellite module enabling two-way monitoring and control using the Iridium® Low Earth Orbit satellite network. Accessible via the Star2M® portal, the global Iridium® network offers genuine, pole-to-pole coverage and is the perfect communication partner for Sealite and our aids to navigation solutions.

AIS Compatible

Available as type 1 or type 3 and operating on the international VHF Marine. Mobile Band for AtoN operational status and positioning information.

7-11NM Omni-Directional Sector Lantern (SL-ODSL) Isometric
7-11NM Omni-Directional Sector Lantern (SL-ODSL) Isometric

Form Factor

Smallest form factor on the market to allow for easy installation and maintenance.

Technical Specifications*

Light Characteristics
Light Source High Performance LED
Available Colours White, Red,   Green
SL-ODSL Typical Maximum Intensity (cd)† White – 2600, Red – 1400, Green – 1800
Typical Sector Boundary Resolution (degrees) < 0.5
Visible Range (NM) AT @ 0.74: 7-11NM
Horizontal Output (degrees) 360
Vertical Divergence (degrees) 3
Available Flash Characteristics Up to 310 IALA recommended (user adjustable)
Intensity Adjustments 25%, 50%, 75%,100%
LED Life Expectancy (hours) >100,000
Electrical Characteristics
Maximum Power (W) Variable to 27
Circuit Protection Integrated
Nominal Voltage (V) 12-24
Physical Characteristics
Body Material Aluminium chassis with UV-stabilised outer lens
Lens Material LEXAN® Polycarbonate   – UV-stabilised
Lens Design LED Optic
Mounting 3 & 4 hole 200mm bolt pattern
Height (mm/inches) 260 / 10.24
Width (mm/inches) 360 / 14.17
Mass (kg/lbs) 13.4 / 29.54
Service Life 15 years ^
Environmental Standards
Shock (Pending) MIL-STD-202G Test Condition H, Method 213B 30G vertical and 35G   horizontal shock
Vibration (Pending) MIL-STD-202G, Test Condition B, Method 204D 5G in all axes
Ice Loading Rated to withstand 22kg/m2
Wind Exposure Rated to withstand 140 knots
Humidity MIL-STD-810F method 507.4 (0 – 100%, condensing)
Temperature Range -30 to 50°C
CE (Pending) EN61000-6-2:2005, IEC61000-4-2:2008, IEC61000-4-3:2010   IEC61000-6-1:2016
IALA Signal colours compliant to IALA E-200-1
Quality Assurance ISO 9001:2015
Ingress Protection IP67
Intellectual Property
Trademarks SEALITE® is a   registered trademark of Sealite Pty Ltd
Patent (Pending) PCT/AU2020/050197
Warranty * 3 years
Options Available • IR Programmer
• AIS (External)
• Satellite Communications (Pending)

• Specifications subject to change or variation without notice
* Subject to standard terms and conditions
† Intensity setting subject to solar availability
^ Refer to the Sealite website under the warranty section

Enhanced optics
GPS synchronisation
Bluetooth® connectivity
Hard wearing bird spikes

High Performance
Heavy-duty aluminium base.
User-replaceable components
200mm bolt pattern for immediate

Cost Effective
Low maintenance costs
Energy efficient light solution

IR programmable
Satellite communications (pending)
AIS Type 1 and Type 3


7-11NM Omni-Directional Sector Lantern (SL-ODSL) Drawing
7-11NM Omni-Directional Sector Lantern (SL-ODSL) Drawing
How to Order SL-ODSL Omni-Directional Sector Lantern
How to Order SL-ODSL Omni-Directional Sector Lantern

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