pH-ORP Sensors Type TempHion Seametrics
pH-ORP Sensors Type TempHion Seametrics

pH/ORP Sensors Type TempHion Seametrics

TempHion™ Smart Sensor With Data Logging

The Seametrics TempHion™ Smart Sensor is a microprocessor-based submersible sensor with built-in data logging.

The internal processor in the TempHion allows for easy calibration, using the calibration utilities in Aqua4Plus. Once calibrated, this calibration data is stored in non-volatile memory within the Smart Sensor. When data is collected, this calibration information is applied to the data, resulting in highly accurate readings at a wide range of temperatures.

The TempHion is powered internally with two replaceable AA batteries. Alternately it can be powered with an external auxiliary power supply for data intensive applications. The unit is programmed using our easy-touse Aqua4Plus control software. Once programmed the unit will measure and collect data on a variety of time intervals.

Several TempHions, or a combination of TempHions and other Seametrics Smart Sensors, can be networked together and controlled directly from a single computer.

While most will use the TempHion with our free, easy-to-use Aqua4Plus software, it is by no means limited to that software. You can use your own Modbus® RTU or SDI-12 software or logging equipment to read measurements, thus tying into your existing telemetry and control systems.

Water Quality Sensor with Datalogging
  • Measures pH, ORP, and temperature.
  • Or measures Bromide and temperature.
  • RS485 network.
  • Integrated datalogger collects 200,000+ records.
  • Includes new Aqua4Plus software.
  • Dual protocol (Modbus® and SDI-12).


The TempHion™ is a submersible water quality sensor and datalogger that includes a ph/ORP or Bromide element as well as one thermistor-based temperature element.

With a patented reference electrode, the TempHion provides long-term stability for continuous or intermittent monitoring—making unattended in-situ pH testing and Bromide tracer studies possible without frequent calibrations or service.


pH/ORP Sensors Type TempHion Seametrics
pH/ORP Sensors Type TempHion Seametrics
  • Easy-to-use in-field calibration utilities.
  • 316 stainless steel, fluoropolymer, acetal, and PTFE construction.
  • Solution ground for excellent noise protection.
  • Operates on low power.
  • Long-term sensor stability.
  • Measures pH, ORP, and temperature.
  • RS485 network.
  • 200,000+ records stored in non-volatile memory.
  • Dual protocol (Modbus® and SDI-12).
  • Narrow 0.75″ diameter, 17.625″ length.
  • Available cableless or with a variety of cable options—polyethylene, polyurethane, or FEP.
  • Easy export to spreadsheets and databases.


  • Precise single- or multi-well tracer tests.
  • Saltwater intrusion tracking.
  • Tidal influence studies.
  • Wastewater treatment discharge.
  • pH monitoring.

    pH-ORP Sensors Type TempHion Seametrics Dimension
    pH-ORP Sensors Type TempHion Seametrics Dimension


Housing & Cable Weight 0.8 lb. (0.4 kg)
Body Material Acetal & 316 stainless or titanium
Wire Seal Material Fluoropolymer and PTFE
Cable Submersible: polyurethane, polyethylene, or ETFE (4 lb./100 ft., 1.8 kg/30 m)
Field Connector Standard
Temperature Operating Range 0˚ to 55˚C (32˚ to 131˚F)
Storage Range Without batteries: –20˚ to 80˚C (–4˚ to 176˚F)
Power Internal Battery Two replaceable lithium ‘AA’ batteries – Expected battery life: 18 months at 15 min. polling interval (may vary do to environmental factors)
Auxiliary 12 Vdc – Nominal, 9-15 Vdc – range
Communication Modbus® RS485 Modbus® RTU, output=32bit IEEE floating point
SDI-12 SDI-12 (ver. 1.3) – ASCII
Logging Memory 4MB – 200,000 records
Logging Types Variable, user-defined, profiled
Logging Rates 2x/sec maximum, no minimum
Baud Rates 9600, 19200, 38400
Software Complimentary Aqua4Plus
Networking 32 available addresses per junction (Address range: 1 to 255)
File Formats .a4d and .csv (also .xls in Windows 8 and earlier)
Output Channels Temperature pH ORP Bromide
Element 30K ohm thermistor, Epoxy
bead/external housing
Glass combination electrode Platinum ring Ag/AgCl solid-state electrode (Ion electrode method)
Accuracy ±0.2˚C ±0.2 pH units, 0.1% mV value (typical) 0.1 mVH, 0.1% mV value
±5.0% of measured value (typical)
Resolution 0.1˚C 0.01 pH units 0.01 mVH units 0.1 ppm
Units Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin pH, mV Eh, mV ppm, mV
Range 0˚ to 55˚C (32˚ to 131˚F) 0-14 pH units / -538 to 260
± 1200 mV 0–10,000 ppm
Compensated 0˚ to 40˚C (32˚ to 104˚F) 0˚ to 40˚C (32˚ to 104˚F) Isopotential point
Calibration One or two point calibration w/ pH buffers (4 & 7 or 7
& 10)
EH 1 pt. calibration One or two point calibration w/ ionic strength adjustment
Reference Solution Potassium Nitrate – (KNO3) Potassium Nitrate – (KNO3) Potassium Nitrate – (KNO3)
Reference Ag/AgCl solid state electrode, capillary liquid junction, TempHion™ reference solution
Maximum Depth pH/ORP: 700 ft (210 m) / 300 psi, ISE: 230 ft (70 m)/100 psi
BEnvironmental IP68, NEMA 6P

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