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pH/ORP Sensors Type TempHion Seametrics

Advertisements TempHion Smart Sensor With Data Logging The Seametrics TempHion Smart Sensor is a microprocessor-based submersible sensor with built-in data logging. The internal processor in the TempHion allows for easy calibration, using the calibration utilities […]

Marine Sensor

Conductivity Sensors Type CT2X Seametrics

Advertisements CT2X Seametrics Conductivity, Temperature, Salinity, TDS, Pressure (optional) Measures conductivity, total dissolved solids, and temperature. Integrated datalogger collects up to 349,000 records. Can measure as low as 10 microsiemens/cm and as high as 300,000 […]

Marine Sensor

Pressure And Level Sensors Type LevelSCOUT Seametrics

Advertisements LevelSCOUT Seametrics Low-cost Level & Temperature Datalogging Records level and temperature. Low power—4.5 year battery life. Integrated datalogger collects up to 50,000 records. Small diameter—0.875″ (2.22 cm). Easily connects with other sensors via RS485 […]

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MIDAS BathyPack Bathymetry Package

Advertisements The BathyPack is one of Valeport’s premier MIDAS products, using state of the art sensors to generate precision Sound Velocity and Density profiles for highly accurate depth and height data. The simple top-end PC […]

Marine Sensor

VRS-20 Radar Level Sensor

Advertisements The VRS-20 is a pulsed K-band radar level sensor developed by Valeport to work seamlessly with the TideMaster Tide Display/Logger and other third party data loggers using RS232, RS485 and SDI-12 communication Versatile and […]

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MIDAS ECM Self Recording Electromagnetic Current Meter

Advertisements MIDAS ECM – Electromagnetic Current Meter The MIDAS ECM is a highly versatile point current meter, designed with durability and ease of deployment in mind. Valeport’s latest electronics architecture allows multiple additional sensors, and […]