Lightweight Liquid Level Sensor

Lightweight Liquid Level Sensor


The Gill liquid level sensor is a lightweight, solid-state capacitive liquid level sensor available in an almost unlimited combination of length and mounting arrangements, all delivered in short lead times. It is compatible with a wide range of liquids and is able to operate in high temperatures.

The sensor is a form fit and function replacement for the R-Series sensors as well as bringing the flexibility to be adapted to a broad range of mechanical mounting configurations. Standard stock adaptors are available for 1, 2, 3 & 5 bolt mounting as well as metric and imperial male thread designs.

Used across motorsport, industrial and defence industries, the 4223 Lightweight Level Sensor has proven reliability in punishing environments.


For real product flexibility, you have the ability to design your own custom configurations to suit any flat gasket seal configuration, limitless thread adaptions to both Male and Female threads.

To order, simply tell us your probe length requirements and you Fuel/Oil/Water or Coolant type for calibration and we produce a fully sealed and ready to use sensor. You can then choose one of our off-the-shelf adaptors or request the CAD data to produce a customised adaptor of your own.


  • Suitable with fuels, oils, coolants.
  • Multiple mounting flange options.
  • Lightweight aluminium construction.

    Lightweight Liquid Level Sensor
    Lightweight Liquid Level Sensor


Output : Primary; Output Voltage 0.25-10V DC
Secondary; Output Open Collector 50V/1a max switch to ground (V-)
Accuracy : ±1% @ 50% FSD (full scale deflection) @ 20˚C
Resolution : 10 bit (1024 points over measurement range)
Supply Voltage : +5 to +32V DC
Supply Current : <20mA
Ingress Protection : IP68
Mounting : 1, 2, 3, 5 hole & M22x1.5 flanges
Length : 100 to 750mm

Lightweight, adaptable liquid level measurement.

Lightweight Liquid Level Sensor
Lightweight Liquid Level Sensor
  • Compatible with fuels, oil, and coolants.
  • Multiple standard and custom mounting options.
  • Aluminium construction with side or top cable exits.
  • -40°C to +125°C temperature range.
  • Tank volume output.
  • Temperature output option.
  • High or low switch output option.


Primary output standard range 0.25 – 4.75V Range is Datum A to Datum B (see drawing overleaf)
Primary output maximum range 0.25 – 10V (configurable through user software.
Primary output accuracy ±1% @ 50% FSD (full scale deflection) 20°C
Primary volumetric output Configurable through user software. Tank profiling Wizard or CSV file upload
Secondary output (option N) Open collector output 50V / 1a max switch to ground (V-)
Secondary output hysteresis (option N) Configurable through user software.
Secondary output (option Y) 0.25 – 4.75V. (0.25V = -40°C, 4.75V = +125°C) (not configurable through GSlevel)
Secondary output accuracy (option Y) +/-1.5°C between 0°C and +125°C
+/-2.0°C between -40°C and 0°C


Supply voltage 5-32VDC
Supply current <20mA
Interface Compatible with RS232
Resolution 10 bit (1024 points over measurement range)
Sample rate 100Hz


Cable Flying lead, 1000mm
Number of cores 6 with drain wire
Wire size 26AWG 7/0.15
Sleeving XLPE


Ingress Protection IP68
Shock tested to BS EN 60068-2-27 (half-sine pulse 25g, 6ms 1000 shocks (positive and negative) in each 3 axis)
Vibration tested to Resonant frequency search 5 to 2500Hz @ 0.5g peak
Pressure 10 bar (absolute and differential)
Drop 1m (in packaging) on all 3 sides
Thermal shock to BS EN 60068-2-14, test Na
Dry heat to BS EN 60068-2-2, test Bb
Cold to BS EN 60068-2-1, test Ab
Damp heat to BS EN 60068-2-30, test Db
EMC immunity BS EN 60945, BS EN 61326 and BS EN 61000-6-1/2/3/4


Lengths available 100-750mm in 1mm steps
Mounting options 1 hole, 2 hole, 3 hole, 5 hole and M22x1.5 threaded
Sealing options Panel gasket or o-ring
Cable exit options Top or Side
Weight 36.5 g (100mm probe with 1000mm cable
+0.34g per additional mm (probe)


Fuels Diesel, Gasoline, Biofuels
Oils Hydraulic, Gear, Motor, Vegetable, Synthetic Ester, Polyalphaolefin, Polyglycol
Coolants Ethylene Glycol, Water
Other Salt water
Lightweight Liquid Level Sensor Ordering
Lightweight Liquid Level Sensor Ordering
Lightweight Liquid Level Sensor Dimension
Lightweight Liquid Level Sensor Dimension
Lightweight Liquid Level Sensor Mounting Flanges
Lightweight Liquid Level Sensor Mounting Flanges
Lightweight Liquid Level Sensor Mounting Flanges
Lightweight Liquid Level Sensor Mounting Flanges
Wiring Designation and USB-R232 Adaptor
Wiring Designation and USB-R232 Adaptor

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