Stainless Steel Liquid Level Sensor

The 1612 Stainless Steel Liquid Level Sensor is the stainless-steel version of the 1612 Lightweight Liquid Level Sensor, designed specifically for aggressive or corrosive liquids including salt water, coolant, acids and chemical-based liquids. The sensor features an SAE 5-bolt mounting pattern and is manufactured to your custom length requirement up to 1.5 meters. The sensor […]

Alumunium Liquid Level Sensor

The 1612 Lightweight Liquid Level Sensor features fully integrated electronics and has no moving parts to provide excellent long-term reliability. The sensor is manufactured to your length requirements and is suitable for operating temperatures up to +125°C. Combined with a configurable 0-5V analogue output and SAE 5-bolt mounting flange, the 1612 sensor is compatible with […]

Blackwater Level Sensor

7014 BLACKWATER LEVEL SENSOR The 7014 Blackwater liquid level holding tank sensor has been designed for all applications where consistently reliable and maintenance-free measurement of Black and Grey water is needed. Tank profiling software provides compensation for irregular tank shapes and multiple output options, offering compatibility for the widest range of installations. The Blackwater holding […]

Viscous Liquids Level Sensor For Marine

7014 VISCOUS LIQUIDS LEVEL SENSOR The 7014 high-viscosity liquid level sensor has been designed to provide reliable and accurate level measurement of fluids that, because of their composition, can prove challenging to measure by conventional sensors. Electrically conductive, highly viscous or corrosive liquids and liquids with suspended solids such as industrial adhesives, latex, plastics, paper […]