Alumunium Liquid Level Sensor

Alumunium Liquid Level Sensor
Alumunium Liquid Level Sensor

The 1612 Lightweight Liquid Level Sensor features fully integrated electronics and has no moving parts to provide excellent long-term reliability. The sensor is manufactured to your length requirements and is suitable for operating temperatures up to +125°C.

Combined with a configurable 0-5V analogue output and SAE 5-bolt mounting flange, the 1612 sensor is compatible with a broad range of liquids, designed to meet the needs of motorsport engineers in a dependable and high performance package.

The sensor is manufactured to your custom length requirement up to 1.5 meters.

All of the sensor’s processing electronics are located within the sensor head – no additional remotely-mounted electronics are required. With a robust anodised aluminium main body construction and titanium inner-rod assembly, the sensor is well suited to harsh environment applications and has a wide operating temperature range from -40°C to +125°C.

The sensor is available from 80mm to 1500mm long and, with each sensor factory-built to the required length and calibrated in the appropriate liquid type, no mechanical adjustment or configuration by the user is required prior to installation. Longer length sensors, which feature extra mechanical strengthening features, are available for deeper tanks up to 1.5m, and a stainless-steel variant is also available for water-based applications.


  • Suitable with Fuels, Oils, Bio-Fuels.
  • Lightweight aluminium construction.
  • Solid-state capacitive technology.


Output :Voltage 0.25 – 4.75V DC
Accuracy :±1% @ 50% FSD (full scale deflection) @ 20˚C
Resolution :10 bit
Supply Voltage :+6 to +24V DC
Supply Current :<10mA @ 12V
Ingress Protection :IP67
Operating Temperature :-40° to +125°C
Mounting :SAE 5-bolt flange
Length :80 to 1500mm

Long-length, reinforced liquid level measurement.

  • Compatible with fuels, oils or bio-fuels.
  • Solid-state capacitive technology.
  • Reinforced aluminium construction.
  • -40° to +125°C temperature range.
  • 0-5V analogue ouput.
  • SAE 5-bolt flange mount.
  • Available up to 1500mm long.


Voltage output range0.25 – 4.75V over dimension ‘Y’ (see overleaf)
Range accuracy±1% @ 50% full scale deflection (20°C)


Supply voltage6-24VDC
Supply current<10mA@12V
InterfaceRS232 (+5V)
Resolution10 bit
Sample rate80Hz


CableFlying lead, 500mm
Wire size26AWG PTFE Insulator
SleevingViton outer jacket


Ingress ProtectionIP67
Operational temperature-40° to +125°C
EMC immunitySAE J1113/2 1996
FinishAnodised to DEF STAN 025


Probe length80 – 1500mm (customer specified)
MountingSAE 5-bolt pattern
WeightFrom 200g (dependant on length)


FuelsGasoline, Unleaded, LRP
OilsEngine oils, transmission oils, steering & hydraulic fluids, diesel, heavy oil
Bio-fuelsEthanol E100, E85, E50, E20, E10, Methanol
OtherPlease consult Gill
Industrial Liquid Level Sensor Ordering
Industrial Liquid Level Sensor Ordering


Industrial Liquid Level Sensor Dimension
Industrial Liquid Level Sensor Dimension
Wiring Designation
Wiring Designation

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