Intelligent Symmetry Control Tow

Intelligent Symmetry Control Tow
Intelligent Symmetry Control Tow

iSYM Tow Features :

  • Length and tension monitoring :

    Graphic and numeric display of wire length and tension. Alarms on overload and if an anchor slips.

  • Load position display :

    Graphic display showing load position relative to vessel or seabed.

  • Active Heave Compensation :

    Automatic control of winch pull and speed to compensate for vessel movement or for deployment and positioning of load.

  • Winch Control :

    Reliable and efficient control  of all electric and hydraulic trawl winches.

  • iSPOOL :

    Computer controlled wire spooling that can increase the life time of mooring wires by 50% or more.

  • User friendly :

    Graphics and operations are developed together with experienced skippers.

  • Data logger :

    Simple access to historical data lets you monitor how a situation develops or analyze previous recordings.

    Intelligent Symmetry Control Tow
    Intelligent Symmetry Control Tow

Hazardous operations :

Area sensors and activators available for Zone 1 and Zone 2 operation.

ISYM Tow Functions
ISYM Tow Functions
ISYM Tow Functions
ISYM Tow Functions
Intelligent Symmetry Control Tow
Intelligent Symmetry Control Tow

iSYM measures wire length and tension and control winch speed and pull. iSYM includes simple and well arranged interface to most winch types.
iSYM can control following winches :
Hydraulic : Low Pressure, Medium Pressure, High Pressure.
Electric : AC Motors, DC Motors.
iSYM Winch Interface :
Sensors : Wire Length, Winch Speed, Wire Tension.
Controls : Winch Speed, Winch Pull.

The flexibility of the iSYM system makes it easy to upgrade existing load monitoring systems.
Existing sensors can be used if in good condition, or replaced if required.
There are also various solutions for readout stations locally by the winch, in the control room, or on the bridge.
ISYM has NMEA and Ethernet ports for easy interface to other systems on board.

Electronic Wire Spooling :

iSYM can be delivered with program for electronic wire spooling (iSPOOL). The spooling gear is computer controlled to get exact spooling even with varying wire diameter. You will save time spooling on the wires, and the wire life can be extended by more than 50%. The picture shows Aker Brattvaag Winch on board f/v Atlantic Enterprise. One winch with electronic spooling.

Sensors for tension and length measurement
Various sensor configurations are possible :

Tension measurement :
 Load cell in fairlead.
 Load cell in deflector sheave.
 Load cell in winch foundation.
 Load cell in winch brake.
 Hydraulic pressure.
 Electric motor current.

Length measurement :
 Encoder or pickup on fairlead.
 Encoder or Pickup on deflector sheave.
 Encoder or pickup on winch drum.

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