Groco SA Series Raw Water Strainer

SA and ASA Series Strainers
SA and ASA Series Strainers

Specification :

  1. Ports : 1″ Female NPT, Material: Bronze.
  2. Dimensions : 10.50″ H x 5.00″ W.
  3. Stainless Steel Basket.
  4. Item # : 301573.
  5. Brand : Groco.
  6. Model # :  SA-1000-S.
  7. Shipping Weight :  7.20 Lbs.

Description :

Groco SA-S series raw water strainer.

Features :

  • 304 stainless steel filter basket.
  • Monel inside tie rod.
  • Includes mounting bracket.
  • Lucite sight glass.
  • Easy service with spin-off-wingnut.

Specifications :

  • Ports 1″ Female NPT threads
  • A. 10.50″
  • B. 2.75″
  • C. 5.00″
  • D. 1.88″
  • E. 1.00″
  • F. 8.62″

Installation, Operation, and Maintenance SA and ASA Series Strainers

SA and ASA Series Strainers
SA and ASA Series Strainers

General Installation : Locate the strainer in a vertical orientation between the inlet seacock and the engine raw water pump in a location that will allow routine maintenance. Leave at least 12N above the top of the strainer for removal of the filter basket for cleaning. Proper support is essential; install SA strainers with bolts through all three (3) bolt holes provided – two (2) on the strainer head and one (1) on the strainer base. Use the mount pads on both sides of the strainer if possible.

Bonding : The strainer must be connected to the vessel bonding system. This is most easily done with 14-gauge (or larger) stranded copper wire and a ring connector beneath one of the tie rods that hold the strainer together.

Warning : Motorized equipment is to have a separate connection to the vessel AC grounding bus in accordance with ABYC,E-11. DO NOT make the strainer bonding connection in series with motorized equipment. It is permissible to make the bonding connection in series with non-motorized equipment such as seacocks or thru-hull fittings.

Maintenance : Unscrew the center wingnut, and remove and clean the filter basket at least weekly. Inspect the cover gasket and plastic wingnut washer at this time. Replace the cover and screw down the center wingnut securely.

Important Maintenance Note : The sole purpose of the outside tie rods is to hold the strainer assembly together while the wingnut has been removed from the center tie rod for filter basket cleaning. If the sight glass gaskets are in serviceable condition they will seal by tightening the center tie rod only. Do not overtighten the outside tie rods in an attempt to seal leaking sight glass gaskets, as this may bend the strainer base casting – install a service kit.

Plumbing : As with any plumbing system, the components will function with greater efficiency when restrictions are kept to a minimum. When planning the plumbing for SA Series Strainers assure that 90-degree bends are utilized only when necessary and that hoses and fittings have as large and ID as possible. Use GROCO Full Flow fittings if you can. Double clamp all hose connections and use TFE thread tape on threaded connections.

Part and assembly
Part and assembly

Table of Groco SA Series Raw Water Strainer

1Basket, SS1SS-69SS-69-ASS-76SS-76-ASS-85-FSS-85-ASS-85-BSS-85-C
Basket, monel1S-69S-69-AS-76S-76-AS-85-FS-85-AS-85-BS-85-C
2Sight Glass1S-70S-70-AS-77S-77-AS-88S-88-AS-88-BS-88-C
Enclosure, SS1AS-70AS-70-AAS-77AS-77-AAS-88AS-88-AAS-88-BAS-88-C
6Tie Rod1S-65S-65-AS-72S-72-AS-84S-84-AS-84-CS-84-D
7Tie Rod2S-66S-73-XS-73-XS-73-BS-73-BS-87-AS-87-BS-87-C
10Head Casting1S-500-AS-750-AS-1000-AS-1250-AS-1500-AS-2000-AS-2500-AS-3000-A
11Hex Nut21420HB1420HB1420HB1420HB1420HB1420HB1420HB1420HB
12End Cap1S-63-AS-63-AS-73-AS-73-AS-82-AS-82-AS-82-AS-82-A
13Drain Plug11827HB1827HB1827HB1827HB1827HB1827HB1827HB1827HB
Service KitSA-1SA-1SA-2SA-2SA-3SA-3SA-3SA-3

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