Groco BVS Series Ball Valve and Strainer Combination

Groco BVS Series Ball Valve and Strainer Combination
Groco BVS Series Ball Valve and Strainer Combination

Specification :

  1. Ports: Bottom 1-1/4″ NPS, Top 1-1/4″ NPT.
  2. Dimensions : 14.88″ H x 6.50″ W.
  3. Material : Bronze Housing, Stainless Steel Filter Basket.
  4. Item # :  503588BVS1250.
  5. Brand : Groco.
  6. Model # : BVS-1250.
  7. Shipping Weight : 13.45 Lbs.

    BVS Series Ball Valve and Strainer Combination
    BVS Series Ball Valve and  Strainer Combination

Description :

The Groco BVS series ball valve and raw water strainer combination unit is designed to save space, simplify installation and maintenance.

Features :

  • Full flow ball valve with stainless steel ball and stem.
  • Square hole in handle accepts standard ratchet.
  • Space saving design with strainer and integral seacock.
  • No inside tie rods.
  • Only one component to install and one bilge location to crawl into for winterization and maintenance.
  • 304 stainless steel filter basket.
  • Strainer has screw on/off cap.

Dimensions :

  • Ports: Bottom 1-1/4″ NPS, Top 1-1/4″ NPT
  • A: 14.88″
  • B: 14.00″
  • C: 4.13″
  • D: 6.50″
  • E: 6.25″
  • F: 4.35″
  • G: 3.50″

Installation, Operation, and Maintenance BVS Series – Seacock/Strainer Combination 

Installation : Thread the seacock portion onto an appropriately sized bronze thru-hull fitting. You may need to cut down the length of the thru-hull so that it does not bottom out inside the seacock before proper compression of the hull and backing block has been achieved. Use marine grade caulking between the seacock flange and the backing block, and between the thru-hull fitting flange and the hull.

Orient the seacock so as to provide unobstructed access to the seacock handle, assuring that full 90-degree movement of the handle is possible. (To simplify plumbing hook-up the strainer head may be rotated in 90-degree increments after the seacock has been secured). Bolt the seacock securely to the backing block with stainless steel bolts. Connect the seacock to the boat’s bonding system with 14-gauge wire and a ring connector. A bonding screw bolt is provided on the seacock flange for this purpose. The BVS model number identifies the NPT pipe size that the strainer head is threaded (for example, BVS-750 means the strainer outlet is 3/4 NPT). Select a pipe-to-hose adaptor that matches the threaded strainer head and that also matches the hose size you will use to plumb  the rest of the system. Full flow and standard flow, straight and 90-degree fittings are available. (See attached information sheet). Apply TFE thread tape to threaded NPT connections, and double-clamp all hose connections.

Seacock Operation : Rotate the handle to the mechanical stop in the vertical position to open the seacock. Rotate the handle to the mechanical stop in the horizontal position to close the seacock. The square hole in the handle (after 011001) is for use with a ratchet handle, and is for the purpose of easing valve activation.

Strainer Operation : Unscrew the threaded strainer cap to inspect or service the filter basket. Although hand-tight is sufficient for a good O-ring seal, the cap has three (3) holes for the use of GROCO SW-2531 spanner wrench if additional tightening is desired, or if the cap is difficult to break loose after an extended time.

Maintenance : Inspect and clean the filter basket frequently. Apply silicon based of Teflon based waterproof grease to the strainer cap threads and O-ring to ease loosening the cap for the next inspection. BVS is designed for in-field serviceability. If replacement of internal valve parts is ever required, the valve lock nut located at the bottom of the strainer (top of the valve) may be removable by first removing the set screws that prevent it from turning. Once the set screws have been removed, access to the valve ball and seats is possible. Lubricate the threads and O-ring with silicon or Teflon grease before re-assembly. The stem seals are accessible by removing the handle and unscrewing the brass nut. Pull the stem straight out for access to the stem seals.

Lubrication : BVS seacocks are fitted with one drain plug and one zerk fitting. The zerk serves as an additional drain plug but also provides for the injection of GROCO U-LUBE lubricant into the space between the ball and the valve body. U-LUBE (available in 3-oz or 14-oz tubes) is specially formulated for ball valves to lubricate wear parts and to discourage the accumulation of nuisance marine growth.

IMPORTANT – Inject U-LUBE only with the valve in the open position. Remove the drain plug to let the air or water out, and so you can visually determine when the valve is full of U-LUBE grease. Inject U-LUBE with a standard grease gun through the zerk fitting. When U-LUBE appears at the drain plug port, stop pumping. Replace and securely tighten the drain plug.

Installation, Operation, and Maintenance
Installation, Operation, and Maintenance
1Filter Basket, Stainless Steel1SSS-754SSS-1004SSS-1254SSS-1504
Filter Basket, Monel (Optional)1SS-754SSS-1004SSS-1254SSS-1504
2Sight Glass1S-70-ASVS-1006SVS-1257SS-1504
5Cap Nut41420CS1420CS1420CS1420CS
7Strainer Top1SS-751SS-1001SS-1251SS-1501
8Strainer Cap1SS-502-BSS-1002-BSS-1002-BARG-1501-B
9Tie Rod4S-73-CSVS-1009SVS-1259S-73-B
10Valve Lock Nut1BVS-752BVS-1002BVS-1252BVS-1502
12Ball Seat2BV-756BV-1006BV-1256BV-1506
14Valve Body1BVS-750-BBVS-1000-BBVS-1250-BBVS-1500-B
15Drain Plug21827 HB1827 HB1827 HB1827 HB
16Driver Seal21-0151-0171-0171-116
18Driver Nut1BV-503-ABV-1003-ABV-1003-ABV-1503-A
21Lock Nut11228X38HS and 14SS1420X12HS and 14SS1420X12HS and 14SS3816X15HS and 14SS
Service KitBVS-1BVS-2BVS-2BVS-3

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