Raw strainer
Raw strainer

Groco ARG-S Series Raw Water Strainer

Specification :

  1. Ports : 3″ Threaded NPT, Material: Bronze.
  2. Dimensions : 19.75″ H x 7.25″ W x 7.75″ D.
  3. Filter Basket : Stainless Steel.
  4. Item # : 503583-S-3000
  5. Brand : Groco
  6. Model # : ARG-3000-S
  7. Shipping Weight :  16.70 Lbs.

Description :

Groco ARG series raw water strainers are designed for reliable use, easy maintenance and easy installation. Once installed the strainer can be removed and serviced without the use of tools.

Features :

  • One-piece molded sight glass eliminates the need for tie rods and gaskets.
  • O-rings seal all mating surfaces.
  • Mounting hardware included.
  • Bonding connection.
  • NPT threaded ports.
  • Non-metallic screw-on cap magnifies internal viewing and will not bind or corrode.
  • Improved basket and handle.
  • Improved drain plug.
  • Marine UL listed.

Dimensions :

  • Pipe Size : 3″ NPT
  • A : 19.75″
  • B : 7.25″
  • C : 7.75″
  • D : 3.25″
  • E : –
  • F : 1.00″
  • G : 12.00″
  • H : 3.25″

ARG SERIES (with magnifying cap for easy inspection)

Groco ARG-S Series Raw Water Strainer
Groco ARG-S Series Raw Water Strainer
Groco ARG-S Series Raw Water Strainer
Groco ARG-S Series Raw Water Strainer
ARG Series Specification
ARG Series Specification
ARG Series Dimensions
ARG Series Dimensions

Installation and Maintenance ARG Series Raw Water Strainers

installation and maintenance
installation and maintenance

Installation : Recommended installation is vertically oriented and above the waterline. Sizes smaller than 1-1/2″ have an upper bracket which is fastened to a sturdy surface. Hang the strainer in the upper bracket to mark the position of the lower bracket (about 1″ above the drain plug). Remove the strainer from the upper bracket to drill the holes for the lower bracket. The lower bracket is mounted open-side up. Hang the strainer in the upper bracket (the sight glass is resting against the lower bracket). Run the releasable strap around the sight glass (be sure to engage the lower bracket), and pull hand-tight. Sizes 1-1/2″ and larger do not have a separate upper bracket. Bolt through the cast-in bracket and into a bulkhead or stringer. Install the lower bracket in the same manner as described above.
Bonding : Strainers have 2 #10 bonding screws on the strainer head. Use the screw most convenient for connection to the boat bonding system. Warning: Do not make the strainer bonding connection in series with motorized equipment, as specified by ABYC, E-11.
Maintenance : Inspect and clean the basket frequently (the addition will tell you when to clean all of your strainers. Clean the sight glass with mild soapy water. Do not use chemical cleaners. Replace the cap and tighten hand-tight only. It is offered to break loose a stuck cap, but is not intended for cap tightening. Handtight is sufficient for the O-Ring seals. Lubricate the Cap O-Rings and threads annually with silicon or Teflon based grease to make future maintenance easier.

Installation and maintenance
Installation and maintenance



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